1 Gbps internet connections in Italy for everyone: join the digital event for free

We have been following the question of the Free modemi.e. initiatives aimed at ensuring that citizens are free to choose which device to use for Internet connection. But now a new front is opening linked to the opportunity to bring the 1 Gbps connections throughout the national territory, for all citizens. We refer to type connections FTTH extensionor fiber to the home without any copper stubs, where the user’s right to choose may still be affected.

In the PNRR (National Recovery and Resilience Plan, prepared by Italy to revive the economy after the COVID-19 pandemic), in fact, one of the main elements of the project concerns the objective of bring 1 Gbps connectivity to all Italian citizens by 2026. To achieve this goal, very significant funding will be allocated, which will lay the foundations for a definitive change in the Internet ecosystem in Italy. Gigabit for all, in fact, is considered in this phase as an essential element for the evolution of the country’s system and to relaunch its growth and competitiveness.

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All the topics that will be covered in a digital event called MISSION 1 GIGA: Free Network, Free Devices which will be held on December 15 at 5:00 p.m. and which will bring together the main personalities of the sector, including Representatives from the Department of Digital Transformation, the Ministry of Economic Development, technicians and experts, market players and consumers and well-known influencers such as Andrea Galeazzi. You can participate for free by registering at this address.

MISSION 1 GIGA: Free Network, Free Devices

This expansion phase is essential so that there is not only connectivity for all, but that it is guaranteed by balancing the interests of operators, companies and citizens. Not only the control units that allow you to reach certain speeds, omnipresence of FTTH and of ultra high speed, but also a preventive reflection, from the moment decisions are made on how to achieve these objectives. The objective is to arrive at networks that are increasingly interconnected and immediately open to the broadest competition of services, devices and technological solutions.

The point of the situation is represented in the digital event organized by the Free Modem Alliance: fast networks pose challenges on the execution of the plan, on the rules and on the technologies used, where even the Free Modem remains a crucial theme of competitiveness and innovation in solving the connectivity problems that still exist in Italy. A fundamental junction is expected to make the right decisions so that the network that will be created is effectively open and neutral so that all the actors involved can benefit to the maximum from the investments made through the PNRR.