+10 applications to SEE ANIME (July – 2021)

Are you an anime fan? Do you want to know the best apps for watching animes in line?

Then you have reached the right article, because here we will recommend you some apps for watching anime that you will definitely love.

Best Apps to Watch Anime 2020


app to watch anime for free crunchyroll

No doubts, Crisp he is one of the best apps for watching animes that exists today.

It is super complete, it has a library of over 30 thousand chapters and 17 thousand hours of all your favorite, current and classic animated series.

Do you like Hunter X Hunter, Sword Art Online, Naruto Shippuden or Fairy Tail? You can find them in this fantastic app along with many other series!

Crunchyroll is available for free download for android and ios.

Although it is free, it also has a premium version with which you can remove advertising, watch recent episodes live from Japan, enjoy videos in HD quality and watch your favorite episodes on your XboX 360, Wii, PS3, PS4 and more. .

We have tested this app, and we definitely recommend it for watch free anime chapters and series on your mobile.

Sub anime

underanime app watch anime

The UnderAnime app is a great option for watch cartoons online from your mobile or tablet, although it was removed from Google Play for copyright infringement. However, we will leave you an alternative link in case you want to try this fantastic app.

UnderAnime available thousands of animated episodes of all ages. Your application has a clean, simple and easy to use interface.

The content of this app is very well categorized, by name or date updated. It also has its own search engine, with which you can find any series you are looking for very quickly.

Also your own website where are also published thousands of free episodes to download. With UnderAnime you have free anime in Spanish with or without subtitles, in HD quality. What more could you ask for? It is one of the best apps to watch anime for free.

JKAnime application

jk anime app to watch anime series for free

This famous application called JKAnime App will allow us to find thousands of chapters and complete animated series.

With that you can watch your animated series online for free, but if you want to download them, you will have to upgrade to the PRO version, which has a monthly cost.

JKAnime is not available on Google Play or App Store, but below we will leave a link for you to download this app for free from its official website.

This alternative application will allow you to watch anime for free, simply and without complications.

Works on devices Android and is also available for iPhone and iPad. Without a doubt, a great app to watch anime 2020 for free.


AnimeDroid Watching an anime has never been easier

Animedroid is a fantastic app for anime lovers who choose to watch chapters and series through different anime websites because it allows you to enjoy it on your device Android thousands of free episodes.

This app works through a list of websites that host the best Japanese anime animations, both in Spanish language as also in English subtitles.

It is very easy to use and its interface is super intuitive. You can find the titles alphabetically, and it also has a powerful search engine to quickly find your favorite series.

Although AnimeDroid was originally designed to watch anime chapters online, you also have the option to download any content and watch it later without having to be connected to the internet.

We recommend this app to watch animes in Latin Spanish totally.

Best anime from Japan

best japan anime app to view anime

This app has a online catalog thousands and thousands of series to watch online and also to download.

Most of them are in English although if you search a little you can find more animated series in Castilian. Although this is a great opportunity to learn English. What do you think?

It is not available on Google Play, but below we will leave you an alternative link for download best anime from japan totally free.



AnimeFLV is one of the best websites to watch animes in Spanish. It belongs to the famous site www.animeflv.ru, where one can also find countless films and series of this genre.

You can enjoy many famous series like Dragon Ball, Yu-Gi-Oh !, One Punch Man, One, Piece and many more. For free, of course.

It’s a great option to see the anime in this 2018. We recommend you to try this app and then tell us.

Anime Lib

anime lib apps to watch anime

Anime Lib It’s a good option for watching animated series, although it has a smaller catalog than the other apps mentioned in this article.

The app is compatible with Chromecast and has a simple, easy to use and very intuitive interface.

In Anime Lib you can find the most current animes of the moment. It’s a paid application, although some chapters are also available to watch for free.

Anime Radio

anime radio listen anime radio

This app called Anime Radio is different from others. With her you will not be able to watch or download anime, but you can Listen the most famous melodies from your favorite anime.

It works like a radio, i.e. we won’t be able to select what we want to listen to all the time, but we have to enjoy all kinds of anime songs at random.

Has various stations So you can choose the kind of music you prefer to listen to like Jrock, Jpop and Krock among other already known melodies from your favorite anime.

It is a fantastic radio app for listening to anime! We recommend that you download it from the link below and then let us know what you think.

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