100 € TV bonus: how to get it and what you need to know

Many of you know that from Monday 23 Aug 2021 it will be possible to ask for the famous TV Bonus € 100 thanks to which we will be able to buy a new television set with a 20% discount up to a maximum of 100 euros. To clarify, however, we decided to repurchase a dedicated article where to understand who is entitled to the TV Bonus digital and how to get it, by answering your most frequently asked questions.

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bonus television

When will the TV bonus be active?

The Digital TV Bonus will be officially “active” and can therefore be requested, from Monday 23 August 2021 and it will be valid only and exclusively for the purchase of televisions giving us the possibility of obtaining a maximum discount of 100 euros on the purchase price.

How much is the discount worth?

While we would have thought that the TV Bonus would entitle us to a discount of 100 euros, it is a little different. Yes, because the digital TV bonus provided by the Ministry of Economic Development (To put) has a roof 100 € maximum. More specifically, the TV Bonus entitles us to a reduction on the purchase equal to 20% of the price, which can however reach and not exceed a maximum of 100 euros. By doing the math to get the maximum discount you will have to buy a TV set for 500 euros, which you will pay 400 with the discount.

Which TVs are eligible for the Bonus?

According to what is published by the Ministry of Economic Development (Mise), all these “televisions which from January 1, 2023 will allow to receive the digital terrestrial transmission standard Dvb-T2 Hevc Main10 and to decode the Mpeg4 image format“. More precisely, the website of the Ministry has made one available list of suitable devices that you can consult.

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But don’t worry, all these big words are simply talking about the new DVB-T2 standard for the new Digital Terrestrial frequencies which will be introduced from November 15, 2021 until June 30, 2022 and which will affect all Italian regions in stages. .

How do I check if my TV supports DVB T2?

With a very simple procedure, you can check if your current TV is up to date with the new DVB-T2 standard which is about to come into effect (thus avoiding the purchase of a new TV). All you have to do is view the test chains 100 And 200 with your remote control: if the message appears on the screen Hevc Main10 testthen the device is compatible with the new standard.

Until when can I claim the TV Bonus?

The measure introduced by the Stake will be feasible and payable until December 31, 2022, you will therefore have enough time to claim the TV bonus. However, Mise would like to remind you that the TV Bonus can be requested while funds are depleted (in the event that they end before the date indicated above). Remember that the government has allocated 250 million euros for this bonus.

What are the conditions for obtaining the TV bonus?

The basic conditions to be able to claim the bonus are essentially three:

  1. Disposal of an old television;
  2. Have regularly paid the Rai TV license fee;
  3. Be resident in Italy.

Therefore, the digital TV bonus is intended as an incentive provided that discard an obsolete TV to benefit from the discount on new. Devices purchased before 22 december 2018, when retailers were forced to sell Dvb-T2 televisions with Hevc Main 10 encoding.

How to get the TV bonus

Basically all we need to do is go physically in an electronics store with our old TV. The center participating in the initiative will take care of the elimination. Alternately, the customer can go in person to an authorized landfill, where the employee of the WEEE collection center must validate the module who certifies that it has been scrapped, then goes to the store with the document, with identity card and tax code.

The bonus can only be obtained once and for thesingle device purchase by the holder of the television license (regular payment is evidenced on the electricity bill). Then cumulative with that of 50 euros reserved for ISEE income brackets less than 20 thousand euros and also valid for the decoder.

According to a survey carried out in June by the Ugo Bordoni Foundation, between 12.9 and 14.7 million families are currently eligible to apply for this TV Bonus, or around 58.2% of the total.

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