+15 Apps for FLYING WIFI The BEST of 2021!

If you are looking for apps to steal WiFi You should know that you have reached the given website, because in this article you will know about the best apps to hack free WiFi in 2020.

Want to know how to steal WiFi easily and quickly? So keep reading as we will introduce you to the most notable apps for Android and also for iPhone.

What are the best apps to steal WiFi on Android

1. Free Wi-Fi

free wifi app to steal wifi

With this app it is not necessary steal wifi because it just shows you more than 60 million Wi-Fi points worldwide to surf the Internet completely free of charge and without the need for passwords or keys to connect.

Among its main characteristics, we can highlight the following:

  • It has a map to find the free wifi points in your city
  • You can connect according to your location using GPS
  • Automatic access to free Wi-Fi points near you

Do not go without trying this wonderful application to have free internet no need to download an app to hack wifi.

2. Wi-Fi WPS Plus

wps program to steal wifi passwords

This application to decrypt wifi keys can connect to wireless networks which have an active protocol called WPS, by finding your factory security code.

It has the advantage that it can be used on your device even without root. Apparently, it takes advantage of vulnerabilities in the security protocols of most current WiFi networks.

3. Wi-Fi card

wifi card apps to hack wifi for free

Although it is not an app to hack wifi, we have to mention it in this article because we are sure that it can serve you a lot.

With this app you can connect to millions of free Wi-Fi points worldwide.

Its operation is very simple:

  • The first thing to do is open the app.
  • Then it will show us all the nearby WiFi points available around you.
  • Ready! Now we are connected.

More than 50 million downloads and hundreds of thousands of positive reviews.

The bad thing here is that they give us three day trial, but then we have to pay $ 20 per month to be able to use the application freely. Either way, it’s definitely a great option.

4. Free Wi-Fi

free wifi app downloader app to hack wifi

This app works differently from others because what you are doing is looking for one open wifi network which is close to your location and connect you with it automatically, without needing to hack wifi or anything like that.

More than 10 millions downloads and 173 thousand Positive reviews, therefore, although it is not an app to hack wifi, it is worth mentioning in this article as it serves to have free internet.

5. WiFi WPA WPS Tester

apps to steal wifi

This app has special algorithms which try to process all possible combinations for a given device. He has a excellent rating by its users, however, like the previous one, it is not 100% effective.

This program for stealing wifi passwords has the advantage of not containing too many intrusive advertisements.

6. Router Keygen

Keygen Router Application

The application Router Key Generator It is excellent because it can also detect if our internet connection may be the target of cyber attacks from other users. You can download it for free from the Play Store.

7. Wi-Fi password

apps to hack wifi

With the app WiFi password you can scan and connect to free Wi-Fi hotspots around you, with just one click. This application has stored on its servers thousands of passwords shared by other users, which will be used to compare and access the WiFi network you need.

Moreover, it will help you stay away from unsecured WiFi hotspots and keep the WiFi networks you connect to safe.

This program to steal wifi has more than 5 million downloads and over 70,000 positive ratings, which indicates that it is without a doubt one of the best options available today.

8. Wi-Fi Guardian

wifi guard

With this application you will be able to know the frequency, modem manufacturer, encryption, security, distance, strength and name of nearby WiFi access points.

WiFi Warden has the capacity to test vulnerability nearby networks and connect with the default WPS pin generator.

It will also show you information about devices connected to your network, which gives you an extra layer of security.

In addition, it has a series of very interesting features that make it a very, very complete application.

It has a function for create strong passwords, another for recover passwords and it also gives us an advanced WiFi security guide.

9. WPS application

hack free wifi program

This app is not a program to steal wifiInstead, it checks if a network is secure by connecting with the WPS protocol.

This protocol allows you to connect to a wifi network via an eight-digit numeric PIN code, which is usually preset in each router. The problem with this pin is that many times it is known or we know how to calculate it.

This program to steal wifi passwords uses these pins to try connection and check if the network is secure, using various pin generation algorithms and many other known pins.

Its use is very simple :

  • When we scan the networks around us, some will appear with a red mark. These networks are, in quotes, secure. They have WPS disabled and the default password is unknown.
  • Networks that appear with a question mark are those on which WPS is enabled, but the PIN code is not known. In this case, this program allows you to try the most common combinations.
  • Ultimately, those with a green mark are vulnerable. They have the WPS protocol enabled and the combination to access the network is known.

This application, like all those mentioned in this article, are intended for check the security of a wifi network. Those who use it for other purposes do so at their own risk.

10. WPS WPA Tester

More than a program to steal Wi-Fi passwords WPS WPA Tester it is used to test if your router is vulnerable.

Its main characteristics are:

  • Test the connection to the access point with the WPS PIN code
  • View devices connected to your network
  • Copy saved passwords
  • Has different calculation algorithms for default pins

Without a doubt, this is a great option for protect your wifi network.

It is available on Google Play where it already has over 100,000 downloads and many positive ratings. Moreover, it is completely free.

What are the best apps to steal WiFi on iPhone

While it is difficult to find this kind of apps to use other people’s WiFi on Android, the challenge is even greater when it comes to the iOS operating system, as almost no useful app is in it. ‘App Store.

However, below we will detail the apps available for Apple devices.

1. WiFiPass

wifi pass

Many people confirm WiFiPass is the best app to steal WiFi on iPhone that currently exists, so we recommend that you download and try it out.

The time it takes for this application to crack passwords is due to the fact that it performs a test one by one with the possible combinations that may exist.

Unfortunately, if the passwords are too long, it is not worth waiting the time it takes to connect to the network, so if you see that it is crashing you should try to find another alternative. .

2. Wi-Fi check

wifi audit app to hack wifi on ios

This app works pretty well on most routers, however, it seems like it’s just a long list of passwords that come by default on most devices.

Without a doubt, if you are looking to download a program to steal Wi-Fi passwords, this app is one. excellent choice.

instabridge app

The Instabridge Wi-Fi Password Enforcement is a fantastic app to have Free internet. According to its characteristics, with it you can connect to any WiFi network for free, simply and in a short time.

We haven’t tried it yet, but the App Store has more 100 positive reviewsso we assume that it is working pretty well and is one of the best Wi-Fi stealing apps for cellphones around right now.

The Instabridge program works on any Apple device, such as iPhone, iPad and also iPad touch.


application to unlock iWepPRO wifi

It is one of the most used iPhone Wifi hacking apps in the world. It also gives you information on public networks near your location which you can access for free, and it also serves to diagnose your network and check for security errors in it and also gives you information

Another plus point is that you don’t need any technical or programming knowledge to use it. The negative point is that it is only available for versions prior to iOS 11.

Video of apps to hack WiFi in 2020

We hope these apps have helped you hack WiFi. If you know of any others that have the necessary characteristics, please leave your opinion below in the comments and we’ll add it to our list as soon as possible.

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