5 applications for SLIMMING PHOTOS (August

Have you ever seen a pic of yourself and said this pic would be perfect if I looked a little thinner or thinner? It has happened to all of us! Therefore, for these cases, it is advisable to use some slimming application free photos.

In this article, we are going to introduce you to the best slimming photo apps that exist today for Android and iPhone. Read on and you will find that losing weight in photos is very easy!

Best apps for slimming photos

1. Perfect Me – Application for losing weight photos

Perfect me it’s a slimming photo app or rather to refine the body and the face in the photos.

It is good to know that we can obtain excellent results without having any knowledge of photo editing, this because the use of the tools is simple and intuitive so it will be a question of doing some tests before doing an excellent job, worthy of showing on social networks.

2. Retouch Me – App to lose weight in photos

Retouch Me is a little different from the rest of the apps you’ll see in this article, since from the start it works completely different.

Its main attraction consists of have a team of expert editors edit a photo of you. You just have to select the aspects you want to modify on the photo and be precise, you can request any type of retouching such as: adjust the size, reduce the belly, whiten the teeth, increase the chest, accommodate the nose, etc.

Any order you place will get amazing results as long as you have enough credits.

On the other hand, you can earn credits. Perform actions in the app to earn credits and access professional editing service. Moreover, you can use the editing tools and gradually master photo editing, while earning credits.

3. Plastic surgery Lite

If you want download the app to lose weight photos without a doubt, you must know about Plastic Surgery Lite.

This application to refine the body in photos which turns out to be quite remarkable among the others, perhaps initially it is not the easiest application to use but it is because of the potential that it a, so it is likely that if you have prior knowledge of editing, this photo editor will be of great use to you.

The results that can be achieved are amazing and don’t worry that no one will notice if you’ve done a touch-up here or an adjustment there, as the changes are very inconspicuous and subtle, although it depends on the use of course.

This slimming photo program is highly recommended! The best thing is that you can use the app from any mobile device, whether you have an iPhone, iPad or Android.

4. Perfect body photo editor

It’s true, with that photo editor to slim your body you will be able to correct many aspects of your photographs, and don’t worry if you are not an expert in using editing programs as it is not necessary since the tools in this application are designed to be used intuitively.

Therefore, its handling is really simple, like using the effects of any camera, the functions that you can perform with this application to refine photos are: shaping the body, toning the bust, adjusting the hips, reduce love handles, firm the face, etc.

It is one of the best face slimming apps And it is only available for download from the Google Play Store, that is, you can only use it if you have an Android device.

5. Make me thin or fat

This amazing app allows you to edit your photos and make your body slimmer or more toned, if your goal is to reduce those extra pounds, this application to lose weight in photos is perfect so that users see the body they can have and thus have more motivation.

On the other hand, its use is simple as it is simply limited to accomplishing the work of weight loss and body modification, so the tools that have been designed are of practical and efficient use, in this way the user will have no problems editing your photographs and getting the desired results.

Functions that can be performed with this photo editor to lose weight

  • Slim down the waist.
  • Adjust the thighs.
  • Tone the arms and eliminate sagging.
  • Adjust the bust to get the perfect size.
  • Extend your legs.
  • Adjust and resize the buttocks.
  • Automatic face detection tools for a facelift.

Video on the application to lose weight photos

Do you know of another slimming photo app on Android and iOS – iPhone or iPad? Leave us your recommendations in the comments.

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