5 Best Browsers with VPN Included You Should Try Right Now

Increasingly, users are looking for ways to defend their privacy, in a world full of pitfalls like the web. To protect their anonymity on the net, the number of people who decide to use a VPN service continues to increase. Recently, browsers offering an integrated VPN have multiplied, in this article we will list and describe the best ones for you.

Attention: usually these VPNs are offered for free, so they often suffer from the same limitations as free VPN services. Many browsers with VPN, in fact, limit the data exchangeable by users, the connection speed, do not allow you to choose the server and have weak levels of encryption, so if you want more security and privacy when navigation, our advice is always the same to combine your favorite browser with a good paid VPN service.

After this brief introduction, we can move on to our list of best browsers equipped with VPN.


Opera browser with built-in VPN

Opera is one of most popular web browsers with free built-in VPNsecure, fast and feature-rich.

VPN is available for desktop and mobile versions browser and can be easily activated in the program settings. To activate the VPN in Opera, you must go to the settings and select the option “Enable VPN“. Later, you can select the VPN server location from the available ones, which are America, Asia, and Europe. Unlike other commercial VPN products, you won’t be able to choose a specific country using this VPN.

Opera’s built-in VPN provides additional protection for online browsing by encrypting internet traffic and hiding the user’s IP address. Moreover, using Opera VPN has no data or speed limitations. This means that users can browse freely and safely without worrying about traffic limits or connection slowdowns.

This VPN can be a valid way to approach this world and take familiar with the importance of online privacy. In fact, Opera VPN was created to be easy to use and accessible to everyone.

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Edge and VPN Usage

Microsoft’s browser, recently added an included but very limited VPN compared to that offered by Opera.

First, monthly usable bandwidth is limited to 1GB, which may be enough for some basic needs but it is not suitable for streaming. In addition, it is not possible to select a VPN server, which is instead automatically assigned by Edge, which makes it difficult, if not impossible, to use certain services that use geo-blocking.

The option is called “Edge secure network» and can be activated in the «Privacy” settings. It has three modes: the first allows you to activate it only for specific sites, the second to activate it only on unsecured public WiFi networks and untrusted sites, while the third keeps it always activated during the navigation.

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Epic Browser

Epic Browser with VPN Included

This is a web browser based on Chrome code and available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, which focuses on online user privacy.

One of the main features of Epic Browser is the included VPN which allows users to browse anonymously and securely on the Internet.

Epic Browser’s VPN works by hiding your IP address and encrypting your internet traffic, protecting your privacy on the net. It is important to note that, the use of the VPN of Epic Browser is free but it is limited to 500 MB of data per month and 8 servers worldwide. Users can purchase a premium subscription to get rid of these limitations.

Additionally, Epic Browser has other popular privacy features, such as automatically deleting cookies and browsing data once the user closes the program. The browser also includes the “Do Not Trackwhich prevents websites from collecting information about users’ browsing.

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Aloha Browser

Free Aloha Browser and VPN
It’s a browsers for Android and iOS mobile devices particularly appreciated that it offers a free integrated VPN.

According to the official Aloha Browser website, the VPN is available in all plans (even free) and offers strong encryption and fast connection speeds. Also, the VPN of Aloha Browser offers the possibility to choose the VPN server from which to connect among those available in several locations, including the United States, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom and other countries.

Using the VPN is completely free and does not require any registration or login. Also, Aloha Browser VPN does not keep any logs of users’ browsing activity or personal information.

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Firefox Private Networks and VPNs

Firefox is undoubtedly a very popular web browserfew know that it also offers a VPN in the form of an official extension.

The Firefox VPN, called “Firefox Private Network“, allows users to surf the Internet anonymously and securely.

Firefox VPN is of good quality and builds on the long experience of the development team, but is currently only available to users in the United States. The VPN is offered as paid premium servicealthough there is also a free version limited to 12 hours of use per month.

You can find out more on the page dedicated to Firefox Private Network.

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