5 of the funniest missions in GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas has nearly 100 missions, so some are sure to be more fun than others.

Fun is a subjective term, but GTA San Andreas players generally enjoy epic combat and interesting gameplay in their missions. Something like Supply Lines … that’s not fun for most players because it’s sadly frustrating.

Likewise, a mission like Wrong Side of the Tracks is splitting, some players love it and others hate it.

By comparison, these five missions are some of the most exciting content in GTA San Andreas. There is a lot of action in them which makes them more attractive to the average GTA San Andreas fan.

Five of the funniest missions in GTA San Andreas

5) bring families together

This GTA San Andreas mission starts off simple.

CJ goes to the Jefferson Motel while Sweet should talk to seven other of the gang. However, this doesn’t go as planned, as law enforcement is there to raid the motel.

So CJ goes straight to the point in the motel. Some GSF members die, but CJ avenges them by killing the numerous SWAT agents in his path. If CJ needs to be treated, he can kiss some prostitutes. Anyway, he just needs to rescue Sweet and get out of the motel.

Then an epic chase scene occurs. More and more law enforcement officers are trying to stop CJ and the crew, and there’s also that iconic scene where a helicopter cuts through one of the cops like it’s nothing.

4) Business only

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Funny how swapping the roles of Big Smoke and CJ on a motorcycle can turn a mediocre mission into a beloved one.

Just Business is basically a mission where CJ and Big Smoke have a shootout with the Russians before the duo escape the scene. Big Smoke drives and shoots CJ, making him a rail shooting mission.

There are a lot of enemies that the player can shoot at, and not even CJ and Big Smoke are that easy to kill. Therefore, it’s a fun way to relax, especially since the previous mission was known to frustrate some players.

It is an action-packed mission, but it is also the last mission the player completes for Big Smoke in GTA San Andreas.

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3) Break the bank in Caligula

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It can be an optional mission, but it’s always worth doing just for the big cash reward at the end. Plus, the mission itself is a blast to play, especially since it’s more massive and engaging than the average GTA San Andreas mission.

The main objective of this mission is to steal the mafia’s money in Caligula Palace. Understandably, CJ infiltrates the casino after completing a few prep missions, stealing money, and dealing with local law enforcement after Zero’s mistake. There are also several members of the Triad to help CJ.

At the end of this GTA San Andreas mission, return to Verdant Meadows Airport and make a big profit.

2) Black project

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Imagine infiltrating the GTA San Andreas equivalent of Area 51 to steal a Jetpack. While this mission is a lot easier than you think, it’s still a fun mission filled with funny quotes and a weird storyline.

It goes without saying that it also introduces the player to the Jetpack. It is one of the most innovative vehicles in the entire series and is extremely useful and fun to use in GTA San Andreas.

Even outside of the early days of Jetpack, this mission is still fun to play in GTA San Andreas. Enemies just need to be killed and there are a few alternative ways to approach this mission.

1) End of line

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While there are some difficulties associated with End of the Line, its checkpoint system makes it more forgiving than you might think.

Plus, its difficulty is what makes it fun, as there’s something exciting about CJ mowing down hordes of Big Smoke’s minions before dueling the villain himself.

This is not all either. CJ ends up embarking on an epic chase scene behind Agent Tenpenny. This is the final mission of the game, so there is a sense of accomplishment for GTA San Andreas players who have completed this mission and seen the final cutscenes.

It also solves all the main storylines up to this point in the game.

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