5G can successfully help solve many global problems – Red Hat’s view

THE 5G represents a real revolution, even if it is not easy for non-specialists to understand the impact of this technology in various fields. Susan JamesSenior Director of Telecommunications Strategy at Red Hat, goes so far as to point out that “5G can successfully help solve many global problems“, provided that all sectors actively collaborate with telecom operators.

5G, combined with blockchain and IoT, can overcome problems considered insurmountable: word of Red Hat


The Covid pandemic has further highlighted a series of problems, starting with the fragility of supply chains, ehIt also highlighted how deeply the different markets are integrated. “CO2 is widely used in the production and packaging of food, which is a by-product of the production of fertilizers for agriculture, which in turn depends on the supply of natural gas, as well as the transport of food from source to shelf.explains Susan James.A complication triggers a chain reaction. 40% of the food than the United States Waste costs $218 billion annually to grow and produce, contributes 2.6% of greenhouse gas emissions, and fills more than a fifth of the nation’s landfills. Everyone suffers from it. It is therefore everyone’s responsibility to sort things out. »

According to the Red Hat executive, the solution to these problems must be sought in technology, especially in 5G, integrated with other solutions such as IoT, artificial intelligence and blockchain, which have now reached an adequate level of maturity. An example comes from the food sector which, relying on next-generation sensors and communication networks, helps to determine the optimal period for harvesting, limiting waste. The benefits then extend to the whole chain, since by adopting these technologies, food can be moved autonomously, with driverless trucks and robots that will take care of loading and unloading it.

To materialize visions like this, “industries need to promote a more collegial spirit of competition. Better for everyone to let the pie grow, than to fight for the slices that remain on the platecontinues Susan James.The whole ecosystem must work together. Telecommunications brings more value than just connectivity, and 5G will also be better with support from other industries. Companies must therefore understand exactly what new business opportunities and customer experiences they want to enable with scalable edge computing, and be prepared to share the revenue with service providers. It may seem hyperbolic to compare the scale and severity of the Covid crisis to the potential of 5G. But consider how 5G can lead to better healthcare, raise education standards, enable greener manufacturing processes, embrace robots and machines to perform hazardous work, and connect the disconnected. How can it support supply chains and build resilience to avoid crises. It’s a goal we should all support“.