6 euros per month is the price that a Movistar FTTH customer will pay to have a free mobile

A fiber to the home customer of Movistar is currently paying 53.87 euros per month (VAT not included) for the 50 megabyte modality. From October 1, you will be able to double your speed up to 100 megabytes and have your mobile phone with 500 minutes of callsUnlimited SMS and 1 GB of data.for only 6 euros per additional month. That’s how aggressive Movistar Fusion’s offer is.

The largest discount in the history of Movistar

Luis Miguel Gilpérez joined the company a little over a year ago to change its commercial policy. At the moment, in the broadband market, Movistar has managed to grow again thanks to fiber and in mobile it is more than likely that it will recover customers again from October 1 with the new proposals that he just announced. Last Friday the operator officially presented Movistar Fusión and since then the turmoil in the sector has been enormous.

On the one hand, it is the first time that users have applauded an offer from Movistar. Historically, Telefónica has been the company most criticized for its prices, however, the latest cuts have changed the perception. On the other hand, alternative operators like Orange or Vodafone have declared that the offer is not reproducible and will therefore go to the Telecommunications Market Commission (CMT).

The “super” differences

As we said, the fiber optic offer currently costs 53.87 euros per month (final price without VAT) while a 500 minute package, with 500 megabytes of data it costs 50 euros per month. Or 103.87 euros per month in the event of subscription to the two products separately. With Movistar Fusion, the packaged offer will cost €59.90 per month and also provides greater data capacity. With this offer, a fiber customer could have a free mobile phone for just an additional 6 euros per month. Without a doubt, a revolutionary offer that can revolutionize the market.

At the moment the operator has started to report on its official website that Fusion will arrive soon and, as we have been able to learn, it is preparing a very strong communication campaign to impact the entire market.