A year of growth for smartphones, despite production difficulties

Despite a contraction in sales recorded in the last months of 2021, the smartphone market closes the year with growth of 5.7% compared to the previous 12 months according to the most recent elaboration of IDG.

In total, around 1.35 billion smartphones have been shippedsince it is necessary to take into account the contraction of 4.5% recorded in the last quarter of the year compared to Q4 2020. This dynamic is explained by the difficulties linked to internal production and not by customer demand.

It is expected that such the difficult production dynamic will continue to be present in the first half of 2022, which will only be exceeded in the second half of the year. in any case, strong consumer demand has been confirmed, which at least at present cannot be completely remedied and which should remain very present throughout 2022.


Omdia provides, in its latest market analysis, what were the sales volumes of the top 10 smartphone manufacturers in the world in 2021. First, we find Samsung with 20% market share, followed by Apple with 18% and Xiaomi which collected about 14% of total sales.

I live And opposite they are effectively tied for fourth and fifth position, each with 10% market share; true me follows in sixth place with around 4%, distancing Motorola who has a similar percentage and ranks seventh. Honor And Huawei, with similar volumes, occupy the eighth and ninth place with a share of around 3% each while Tecno closes in tenth place with 2%. All the rest of the market collects around 12% of the rest of the market.

In a market which, according to Omdia, grew in volumes in 2021 by 3.4% compared to 2020, we note how all the top 10 producers recorded sustained growth with the only difference given by Huawei which suffered a marked slowdown in volumes growing from around 190 million smartphones in 2020 to 35 million in 2021. Samsung, unlike the other companies in this ranking, grew only slightly above the overall market average of 3.4%.