After Kia EV6 will come two electric crossovers

Kia has high hopes for the first EV6 electric vehicle, fully developed from scratch on a platform dedicated to sharing, but will not wait to understand the success of the model and intends develop two new proposals starting next year.

As reported by AutoExpress, the manufacturer would register all names between EV1 and EV9, leaving a lot of room for the imagination. Some rumors suggest that the new proposal will be called EV4 and will directly collide with Mercedes-Benz EQA or Volvo XC40 / C40 and which, just like the larger EV6, will adopt the modular E-GMP platform.

The wheelbase of the EV4 will be slightly shorter than the 2.9 meters of the EV6 but the official value has not yet been communicated; the car it should replace the current Sportage SUV it is therefore legitimate to expect completely similar dimensions. Once the EV4 hits the market, Kia will focus on a high-end model, characterized by the presence of three rows of seats: maybe called EV7 or EV8, it will replace the current one Sorento, the biggest SUV available for Kia.

kia ev6 anteprima
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The smaller EV4 and larger model will most likely share the EV6’s batteries and powertrains. It means that both will be available with two-engine all-wheel drive and a battery capacity of between 58 kWh and 77.4 kWh, with a maximum range of approximately 450 km. Since the E-GMP platform is capable of absorb 800 volts, the EV6’s impressive fast charging speed should be maintained even for newbies.

Kia would like to have it on the list more than 10 fully electric models by 2025, with six of them designed entirely from scratch while the rest will be ICE vehicles redesigned to become electric vehicles. Waiting for EV6 is finally available and configurable on the official Kia website, with the first deliveries estimated for the next few months for the base variant and end of 2022 for the more powerful GT.