Alan Wake 2 is official: Remedy announces the sequel, it will be a survival-horror

The night of the Game Awards 2021 has reserved big surprises for the public, not only those present at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. Those who followed the event from home attended the presentation of many new titles, including new IPs and totally unexpected sequels: this last category falls under Alan Wake 2sequel to the never-too-praised game of Remedy Entertainment.

As he himself points out Sam Lake, the second part of the series will be an authentic survival-horror. Confirmation comes from the first trailer featuring the cursed writer.

Alan Wake 2: the revelation at the Game Awards 2021

Presented with a film entirely made in CGI, Alan Wake 2 will continue the story opened 11 years agowhen Xbox 360 gamers first met the author who gave the video game Remedy its name. The dynamic adventure written by Sam Lake (Max Payne) and his colleagues Mikko Rautalahti and Petri Jrvilehto had proven to be one of the most engrossing and exciting of all Xbox titles: a ‘horror’-tinged story that launched a true multiverse that found in the recent pi Control its latest incarnation. .

According to Lake, this second chapter represents Remedy’s first real attempt to tackle the subgenre of survival horror. In the film, we see the face of a slightly aged Alan Wake compared to his known counterpart in the prequel; a face that will be stained with blood in the scene that closes the short teaser and winks at the typical jumpscare horror games.

Alan Wake 2 will be a next-gen production and will be distributed by Epic Games Edition on playstation5, Xbox series X, S-series And pc (via Epic Games Store). We also have a launch window – a generic 2023which will leave fans of the franchise with a long wait.

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The Remedy Team did not want to reveal any further information on his new triple A. As if that weren’t enough, Sam Lake confirmed that no further details will be shared before summer 2022. In all likelihood, the Finnish software company wants to move to a more advanced stage of development in order to show the game in action. Who knows, maybe the next announcement will be at the upcoming Summer Game Fest, another event hosted by Geoff Keighley.

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