All controls in Roblox Zenkai Origins

If you’re new to the Roblox Zenkai Origins game, learning the controls can be a bit daunting. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of in-game controls. Read below to see how you can better control your character in Zenkai Origins.

Basic controls

  • Alt – Use this to toggle Shift-Lock
  • METRO – Use this to open the menu
  • J – Press the J key to open the settings
  • V – Tap on it to open the mission list. Press again to close the mission list.

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Combat and movement controls

  • VS – Use C to turn on Ki
  • me – Use this key for Ki Blast
  • F – Press the F key to block
  • GRAM – Press the G key to use Transform 1
  • H – Use this key to use Transform 2
  • Q – Use it both to dodge and disappear
  • Z – The Z key will allow you to Feel / Explore
  • Left click – Left click to use basic attack
  • Right mouse button – Right click to use Strong Attack
  • Space bar – Use this to jump
  • Space bar x2 – Press space bar twice quickly to fly, then again to stop flying.
  • Change – Use it to srpinter (when you are not flying)
  • Change – Press Shift to fly (when you are already flying)
  • control – Press the Ctrl key to fly down (when you are already flying)
  • Shift + WW – This combo can be used to activate Super Speed ​​Flying

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