Amazon cabinet: what is it and how it works

Amazon periodically introduces new services to its customers, with the aim not only of offering new solutions to users but also of innovating in the online shopping market. In fact, he recently announced Amazon cabinet, currently only available in Italy for select Amazon Prime users, but will soon be extended to all subscribers.

Clearly, in this article we will show you that what is it and how does it work Amazon Prime cabinet, so as to allow you to know all the opportunities offered by Amazon with this new service, through a question-and-answer session. In short, without further ado, we wish you happy reading and happy shopping!

Amazon wardrobe, what is it?

Officially born in 2018 in the United States of America, Amazon Prime cabinet is a service provided only to Amazon Prime members, and provides the same mechanics as the Zalando program. Users have the option of choosing between three and eight articles – eligible ones, of course – in the appropriate section of Amazon.


Once received, using Prime’s fast shipping, customers will be able to decide to keep or return them. Regardless of the choice made, users will only pay for items that are not returned to the sender.

How it works?

The operation is quite simple. Just head to thespecial section of the American portal, accessible by selecting in the box next to the search bar “Amazon Prime cabinet”, And then search for an item among those suitable for the service. Or, in the clothing section, select from the filters entry for this program, in order to eliminate incompatible products from the search results.


Then, all you have to do is add your favorite products to the basket (the minimum to access the program is three items of clothing) then finalize the order making sure that all the references of Amazon Prime cabinet are still active. If your purchases do not suit you, you can then make a partial or complete return of the order, using the return label pre-filled in the package.

Who can benefit from it?

At the moment, only a few Amazon Prime users have officially entered this program, which is why we invite you to wait a little longer.

Click here to access the Amazon wardrobe

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