An unexpected event postponed the launch date of the James Webb Space Telescope to December 24

It now seemed like there was very little way to go before the launch of the James Webb Space Telescopebut fans will have to wait a few more days, as jointly reported Nasa And ESA. An unexpected event caused the launch date to be postponed for a few more days.


In the latest updates released last night (Italian time), it was confirmed that the JWST extension will not be launched on December 22, the last official date. Rather, it will be a launch that will take place on December 24, 2021 (first available date, but subject to possible later modifications). Previously, the launch was scheduled for December 18. The specific reasons should be clarified.

December 24: the new launch date for the James Webb Space Telescope

There official communication from NASA for the large and expensive telescope reports only that “The James Webb Space Telescope team is working on a communication issue between the observatory and the launcher system. This will delay the launch date to Friday, December 24 at the earliest. We will provide more information on the new launch date. launch by Friday, December 17”.


What then emerges is a problem between the James Webb Space Telescope and part of Ariane 5 rocket of Arianespace which will first be used to put it into orbit and then to give it the necessary boost to reach up to 1.5 million km from the Earth. Everything must be perfect and even the smallest problem cannot be underestimated. For this reason, the agencies preferred to delay the launch date rather than see a project of this type destroyed in the launch attempt.

As written above, apart from the official statement, there is no specific information about what is not working as it should. These will likely be released on Friday. Moreover, it must be considered that, as it is written, the December 24 may not be the actual final launch date.


In recent days, after refueling, the James Webb Space Telescope had been brought to the integration zone with the Ariane 5 rocket. One of the last steps before preparing the launch phases. The telescope has not yet been closed inside the promotions fairing who will protect it at launch, which will be the next step. We remember JWST extension it will arrive in its final configuration within 29.5 days after its launch and it will take a few more months to have the first scientific observations. The wait will not be over after you leave.

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