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When I use my phone, am I really sure? You have surely asked yourself this question from time to time. Don’t deny!

No matter how much manufacturers, operators and developers tell us that the use of our mobile phone is safe and private, there are thousands of testimonials that say the opposite.

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In addition to to keep your cats and photos safe large companies, you have to take your surroundings into account. Many of them are more dangerous than any hacker because if you forget anything the first thing they will do is take a look at your cell phone.

To avoid the bad drink which means your private data is leaked, here you will find all the information for keep the phone safe from all prying eyes.

Basic Android Security Tips

The first steps for improve the security of an Android phone or tablet is to have at your fingertips a series of tips that will allow you to achieve this.

In these links, you will find a lot of information about:

  • Is my Android secure? To access
  • List of Android secret codes. To access
  • What to do if my Android is not secure: Access

Block apps on Android

Not many people know that if any of the apps you have installed on your cell phone are causing problems, you can block it.

Likewise if you don’t want someone other than you to be able to perform them. To achieve this, in these links you will find good data.

  • Block apps on Android: access.
  • Other options to block apps on Android: Access
  • Applock, the best for blocking apps on Android: Access
  • Do you want to lock the SIM card? To access.
  • Think someone is using your cell phone? To access.
  • Do you think your Android has a virus? To access.

Hide photos and apps on Android

Who has never taken an intimate photo of their partner with their cell phone?

Have you downloaded an app that you don’t want anyone to see?

If you are faced with any of these situations, you can do the following:

Backup on Android

Having a duplicate of your photos, videos, and documents handy is one of the best ways you can protect your data.

For that, nothing better than backup:

  • Email backup: access.
  • Automatic backup on Android: Access.
  • Backup apps on Android: Access.

Finally, if you want turn your Android cell phone into a security camera, in this article you will find all the data.