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A watch has always been used so that we can know the time at any time. That’s why we wear it all the time on the wrist.

In exchange, smartwatches have completely changed this concept. Do you have any idea all the possibilities that connected watches offer us?

Power manage accounts user of the wrist, to have a huge amount of tools for specific functions, like exercise.

And of course, of course, give us time.

We hope you find what you are looking for

If you think about buy an android smartwatch, in principle, we congratulate you, because in a short time you will see that probably becomes essential in your daily life.

Of course, before that, it is recommended that you know some essential aspects of connected watches and the possibilities they offer. In addition, it is important that you keep in mind that depending on the model you are purchasing you will be able to access more or less features.

At Android expert we have for you a series of articles where you can know interesting information before buying your new smartwatch Android.

What are Android smartwatches used for?

Have you ever thought that a connected watch can even replace a cell phone in certain circumstances?

All this is possible because smartwatches connect to the internet and can sync with your mobile data Android automatically. So you can receive notifications, reply to messages, view different information just by looking at the screen of the smartwatch.

With a connected watch you are still connected, and includes features similar to mobile phones.

Next, What can you do with a smart watch?

  • Receive and send emails.
  • Receive notifications.
  • Consult the maps with your GPS.
  • Listen to the radio and your favorite music.
  • Update your status on social media.
  • Take photos and record videos.
  • To play games.
  • Receive and make calls.

On top of all this, depending on the model you buy, in your new smartwatch you can install the apps you want from the google store.

To learn more about the features of Android smartwatches, we recommend this article where we review everything you need to know about these fantastic devices.

Which connected watch to buy?

If you went to the store and asked about Android smartwatches, surely you are in a situation of indecision right now because There are so many different models that you might not be sure which one is the most suitable to buy.

One of the main recommendations when you are about to buy a smartwatch is know exactly what you are going to do with it.

How useful you give your new watch will determine which model you should purchase.

In order to get some doubts about it, we invite you to read this article, where we tell you some of the top tips to keep in mind when buying a connected watch.

Personalize your smart watch

One of the best features of Android smartwatches is that they They allow you to personalize them and give them that original touch that goes with your style.

You can find a large variety of topics Among which you will surely find the one indicated for your tastes and needs. Here we tell you more about it.