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Do you like to unlock your cell phone and find all those beautiful mini apps? Assurance!

These mini-applications are called widgets, and sometimes they’re so useful that it’s hard to imagine the day without having used one.

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There is a lot of widgets for Android. For weather forecasting, note taking and finances, to name a few. And all incredibly useful!

But the most important here is to know which of them is right for you and learn sorry choose and install the best widget on the cell phone.

If you want to know how to do it all, this article is your chance to get it.

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Everything about Android widgets

The quantity of widgets for android that we can find in the Google Play Store. Really, one better than the other.

If you want to try them all in the fastest and safest way, these links are all the information.

Assurance you wear the phone like a watch. Don’t worry, this is something everyone does, no matter how good the watches they may have on their wrist. The problem here is that a wristwatch tells the time and nothing else.

In exchange, an android clock widget It is able to show you much more data even the time of other cities or countries. If you travel a lot this is really helpful.

If you want to know what they are the best android clock widgets, in this link you will find them.

Here are some examples of watches for Android from this link:

  • Fancy widgets
  • Beautiful Widgets
  • Retro clock
  • Lite Text Clock

Wideget on the lock screen

The android lock screen is able to show you lots of useful information without having to unlock your phone.

If you really want to adjust this information to your liking like weather, email notifications and more, nothing better than install a lock screen widget.

In this link you will find some android lock screen widgets, very colorful and also useful, like:

  • Simple RSS Widget
  • Simple numbering widget
  • DashClock
  • Extensive controls
  • 1Weather

Finally, in this article, which we can find in this link, we talk about the problems you may encounter while loading an Android widget and how to fix it.

This can be very useful for a rogue widget!