Another blow for Tesla: New York City wants to buy hundreds of Model 3s

Last October, the mega deal between Tesla and Hertz caused a stir, to bring even the popular rental company into the fleet 100,000 Model 3 electric sedans. The details of this sale are still being defined, but in the meantime, Elon Musk’s company is receiving more positive news, this time from the side of the public administration.

Tesla New York

We learn from a notice of public hearing that New York City intends to buy several Model 3s, for the allocated amount of $12,360,000. Here is an excerpt from the post:

…a proposed contract between the New York City Department of Services and Tesla Inc., for the purchase of Tesla Model 3 electric sedans. The contract is for $12,360,000.00. The duration of the five-year contract from the date of the award notice

Not specified at this time which models are referred to but, given the price differences between the versions, it should be an included number between 200 and 300 vehicles. The administration hasn’t even specified what the cars will be used for, but the proposed purchase is certainly part of a plan, launched some time ago, to reduce emissions for the entire city.

In this plan, the replacement of around 300 thermal vehicles by electric cars was announced, and it seems that the Tesla Model 3 in question fits perfectly into this context. The cars could be used by law enforcement, as well as other government offices of all kinds.

In the same plan was also considering the arrival of 275 quick charge columns11 covered car parks with photovoltaic panels, 3 electric buses, 78 electric ambulances and the conversion of 125 diesel trucks to electric.