Apple again delays employees’ return to the office with $1,000 bonus

Apple has decided to delay the return of its employees to the Cupertino headquarters. The increase in Covid cases and above all the fears linked to the spread of new variants have made management decide that Apple employees will not have to return to the office in February, as previously decided. This was reported directly by Apple CEO Tim Cook, who in a note sent to his employees he recalled the difficult health situation of the moment and underlined how impossible it is for the moment to physically respect the return of the month of February to the office.

Apple does not let its employees return to the office

Apple itself had sent a letter in November indicating February as the expected month for the physical return to headquarters, but the arrival of a new, decidedly contagious variant of COVID, has changed the tables for now, reiterating, for those who can do it, continue to work in smart telework.

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Many had already declared theirs worry about having to come back in February physically in the office. The announcement can certainly only please even if Apple has in any case clearly indicated that sooner or later the return to the office is expected. However, Tim Cook himself, precisely in the last note to the employees, underlined the extent to which the conditions still do not make it possible to establish precisely a real date of return which will therefore be fixed in the future. Not just because Apple itself also announced that all employees will receive a $1,000 bonus. as compensation that can be used for “work from home needs”.

And tracing the steps of the decision to postpone the return of Apple employees, we remember how in June, Cook had sent a first note to the whole company specifying the procedures for resuming face-to-face work. A note that had sparked some controversy to the point that some employees responded directly to Cook with a letter, with the request for a greater choice. Subsequently, it was decided to return to the office at least three days a week. Then in September Apple decided to ask its employees how many were vaccinated against COVID-19pushing to increase this number allowing the return to the office in all serenity. Then the novelty of the return in February 2022 of all employees until the appearance of a new variant which once again upset the programs of the Cupertino giant.