Apple “hunting” Xbox engineers for its own console

Apple he would have explored the possibility of hiring engineers from Microsoft who worked for the division Xbox and, in particular, on the equipment of console. He learns from Jez Cordentrusted Windows Central reporter, who covered it on the latest episode of the podcast The Xbox Twowhich tells the latest news from the Xbox world.

After Pippin, a new console for Apple?

Corden has no further information. He doesn’t even know if Apple’s project is still in progress or if it was a plan from the past, now shelved. He only knows that Cupertino has approached Microsoft to seek specialized personnel with the aim of launching a feasibility study for the production of a new console.

Xbox series X

in any case, it is unlikely that Apple intends to enter an already very busy sector due to the presence of Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft itself. At the same time, today with the term “Game” it refers to many things and forms of entertainment that are very far from what is possible with a traditional console. Apple could consider a cloud gaming service like Google Stadia or simply an extension of what it already offers with iPhone And iPad. almost certainly, however, his interest in the AR/VR Solutions.

When combining terms Apple and consolesall the players with a few years on their shoulders dust off the “legendary” project from a corner of their memories Pippin applea console mainly made by Bandai and released in 1996 to rival the Nintendo 64, PlayStation, and Sega Saturn. But Pippin had so little success that Apple decided to pull it off the market immediately in 1998.

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