Apple no longer allows you to stay on iOS 14. Meanwhile, 72% of users have updated to iOS 15

Apple has updated its advice on adopting iOS 15 stating that the latest operating system is already installed on 63% of all iPhones, it can work on and on 72% of all iPhones introduced in the last four years. Slower adoption of iOS 15 than what happened with iOS 14, but it’s worth noting that users can now stick with iOS 14, still receiving minor security-related updates and probably also for that reason, many users have not yet made the switch to the successor. .

Apple changes its mind and wants everyone on iOS 15

Watch out why Apple he seems to have changed his mind a bit from this point of view. The company announced a while ago that it would be releasing security updates for all users who did not want to immediately upgrade to iOS 15 but preferred to stay on iOS 14. Apparently that desire seems to have changed in recent weeks. since many users have been forced to update to the latest version of iOS, in this case iOS 15.2.1, to get the security patches for their iPhones.

iOS14 15 1

A change implemented after the release of iOS 15.2 in December, since the last iOS 14 update was in October (iOS 14.8.1) and is no longer available for download. In this case, therefore, devices with iOS 14.8 or earlier versions of the operating systemcan no longer be updated to iOS 14.8.1 and if you try to update, the only alternative is to install iOS 15.2.1. Previously, iOS 15 was presented as an optional update and users could simply install iOS 14 security patches or upgrade to Apple’s new operating system.

We don’t know what the reasons are which led Apple to change what had been decided before the official release of iOS 15. Could it be a bug? Difficult that the Cupertino company has given no weight to such an oversight and that it hasn’t released security patches for iOS 14 for months or since October 2021. Who knows if there isn’t A more intrinsic to security and that only iOS 15 can solve it. Or even that there is behind the desire to increase this rate of adoption of iOS 15 we saw that it turned out to be slower than usual, probably precisely due to the fact that you can decide to stay on iOS 14 or not.