Apple’s M1X Mac Mini may be launching soon with a new design and more ports

Famous leaker Marc Gurman is back with another Apple voice. This time around it’s confirming previous reports on a new Mac Mini with a few more details: it will come with more ports, a new design, and the M1X processor. And it will come “in the next few months”.

The information comes from Gurman’s Power On Newsletter; here is the relevant quote in full:

The Mac mini is used for more basic tasks like video streaming, but many people use it as a software development machine, as a server, or for their video editing needs. Apple knows this, so it has kept the Intel model. Well, expect it to disappear in the next few months with a high-end Mac mini M1X. It will have an updated design and more doors than the current model.

Apple’s Mac Mini was one of its first computers to receive the upgrade to its new ARM architecture, but the basic exterior design remained unchanged for years, and the M1 chip meant it wasn’t really more powerful than MacBooks (aside from better thermal).

The new M1X Mac Mini is expected to have a significantly revamped design and improved performance. The added ports also show that Apple could treat the Mac Mini as more than just a desktop gateway for casual workloads. It could be as versatile as the iMac for those who don’t need the integrated display and want to save some money.

Mac Mini Render by Jon Prosser and RendersbyIan
Credit: Jon Prosser / RendersbyIan

The leaker Jon Prosser pointed to a new design with a plexiglass top and magnetic power adapter, but we haven’t seen much to back up these reports. I wouldn’t be surprised if its design takes a page from the new iMac and the M1X chip will likely allow Apple to make the Mini even smaller.

With the new iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and AirPods expected soon, it looks like Apple will have a busy autumn.

through MacRumors

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