If you are looking for the Best Tumblr Photo Taking Apps Then you should know that you have come to the right place, because below you will know the most notable apps for Tumblr photos of the moment, both for Android and iPhone.

Thanks to these applications for Tumblr photos you will not only be able to retouch and edit your images but also share them on social networks and also interact with them.

The best apps for Tumblr photos

1. Snapseed

It is an application created by Google. Edit photos to make them look professional. In addition, for the more photography enthusiasts, it also offers the possibility of opening JPG and RAW files.

It offers two types of effects that can be combined to edit photos: On the one hand, it has a large number of effects, which can be adjusted.

On the other hand, it has a large number of filters. All of them can help you find the tumblr style you are looking for so much tumblr photo editing apps.

2. PicsArt

The second app that we are going to show is Picsart, for many the best app for editing tumblr photos. This application allows obtain very professional effects thanks to its filters.

Besides being able to edit photos, you can create collages, create stickers. It also offers a premium option which, for monthly or annual installments, depending on the preferences of consumers, offers exclusive content that is renewed every week.

On the other hand, this application has three formats for interacting with other users of the application:

In the first place allows to share editions so that other users can see and comment on them. On the other hand, it allows you to edit with friends. That is, through chats you can share photos and you can edit the same photo together.

Finally, it offers contests in which PicsArt users can participate and thus learn how to better use the application.

This is without a doubt the best Tumblr photo app that I recommend.

3. Instagram

This application is one of the best known and used in the world, it is a social network that allows take, edit and share photos.

The photographs can be taken with the camera that integrates the application or they can be chosen from the gallery

Once the photo is selected, you can modify using the filters that the application has like light, brightness or focus for example; or you can also use the already built-in effects.

Thanks to this edition, you can get photographs perfectly suitable for tumblr style. Finally, we can share the edition both on the same Instagram network and on other social networks like Facebook. This application is one of the best known and used in the world.


VSCO is an application that allows you to edit photos using filters and effects. It is one of the best known on the market and one of the most popular.

Lots of Instagramers at the moment are using this app to achieve the most desired effects and styles.

Its operation is very simple: Once the photo has been chosen, you can take advantage of the free effects it offers and / or adjust the image with filters.

Once you have finished editing, it allows you to upload it to different social networks or your own, export the image to the gallery.

In addition, it has a payment option with which you can access all the editing options that the app contains. Without a doubt, one of the best apps to edit Tumblr photos.

5. 360 camera

If what you are looking for is to give a tumblr style to your selfies, the best editor for this is Camera 360. Considered one of the best editors around, it allows you to beautify faces, apply makeup, create challenges and use stickers.

Its filters are created by professionals so that the results you get are like those of a real photographer. In addition, its operation is very simple and intuitive.

The 360 ​​camera stands out tumblr photo app which is gaining popularity in recent months. After editing the photo, you can save it to the gallery and also upload it to social networks.

Tumblr photo app video

Do you know of any other app for Tumblr photos on iPhone and Android? Leave us your recommendations in the comments. These are the apps for taking Tumblr photos that I recommend and have tried, they have helped me a lot in retouching them and leaving them with the style that I am looking for.

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