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It is not new that national and international data leaks attract our attention in the news. Therefore, the LGPD was created to combat all the weaknesses that arise in the digital universe and is being implemented.

In today’s article you will discover the important points of Law no. 13.709 / 2018 and how you and your company can prepare for this new moment.

Types of data

  • Public, relating to companies, systems and strategies;
  • Public, relating to data from natural persons;
  • Personal, such as bank details;
  • Personal, which can be misused for commercial purposes, such as discovering shopping profiles.

LGPD and privacy

The emergence of the general data protection law came after Facebook’s data and information leakage scandals in 2018. After much debate on the subject between corporations, government and businesses, the need to create a safe environment for the protection of data subjects.

The main objective of the LGPD is to ensure the legal security and confidentiality of users’ personal and sensitive data in digital media. Therefore, with greater transparency and standardization of processes, generating greater trust in the whole sphere concerned.

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The ANPD (National Authority for the Protection of Personal Data), not yet constituted, will have the task of supervising companies and their work, with transparency.


This regulatory challenge calls into question the need for new debates on digital transformation. In this case, companies and public and private institutions that do not comply with the new rules in time may be subject to penalties of up to 50 million reais, which can only be applied in August 2021, based on law no. 14,010.

Oh Whatsapp, in turn, has already begun to issue privacy policies that explain the processing of data and what the rights of each user are.

In this sense, these rights are that any citizen can request information regarding a company in relation to the user. Also, at some point, explicit approval will be required by accepting the terms of your login data.

At your place

With its validity changed many times due to the lack of preparation of Brazilian agents, everything indicates that the law has been in effect since August 2020, which would be 24 months after its first publication.

Hence, what is meant by LGPD is that transparency and risk management are the keys to informing citizens, with consent, and responsible businesses, without exception and with broad territorial coverage.

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