ArmA 4 arrives thanks to the new Enfusion engine? Here’s how it could be

Bohemia Interactivesoftware publisher known for Operation Flashpoint, ArmA and Dayz, has been working for four years on a a new engine called Enfusion Engine. The work is obviously preparatory to a series of new titles that will arrive in the years to come, among which we certainly cannot exclude a new chapter of the open-world tactical shooter ArmA.

bohemia enfusion engine 1 16 12 2021

The work of the concerned Bohemia Interactive developers, in addition to the graphics and audio parts, there is also support for multiple platforms and modding. “Our old Real Virtuality engine, used for example in ArmA 3, is increasingly reaching its technological limits,” said Marek paněl, founder and CEO of Bohemia. “The enfusion, on the other hand, ready to meet the technological challenges of the future and, without exaggeration, shape our titles for the next decade.”

Games built with Enfusion will run much better than before“, said Bohemia. “We want to put your 16-core PC to the test, but at the same time, we want to make sure that everyone can enjoy games on different configurations and console generations.”

In fusion permits Simultaneous development on PC, Xbox and PlayStationwith the DirectX 12 support integrated for Xbox and PC. At its heart is the C++ programming language OOP Enforce, which DayZ modders are already familiar with. Additionally, the netcode has been improved for better multiplayer performance. Shaders written in HLSL are used for rendering instead.

bohemia enfusion engine 2 16 12 2021

The Czech software publisher seems to be particularly focused on consoles with its future projects. The retail edition of DayZ, its only console game to date, was built with a prototype version of the Enfusion engine, creating something of a hybrid between old and new technology.

bohemia enfusion engine 3 16 12 2021

Bohemia hasn’t revealed a launch date for the Enfusion engine and hasn’t yet announced a new ArmA game, but explained that the engine and its development tools will soon be available to the public, along with a demo. playable to present. his abilities. Online you can find the Enfusion engine official website for more information, but also an overview blog posts the company.

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