Assign a sound to the Snapshot Buffer key in Windows

How to set a buffer key sound to play every time you take a screenshot after tapping on it in Windows

On computers with an operating system the Windows, without using third-party software, to take a screenshot of what is displayed on the screen, you must press the key Stamp“keyboard.

Fast and efficient way which for some, however, may lack a feature, namely the a screenshot sound occurred, when you press Phone key.

It is good to know that if needed you can get this option by making a small modification to the registry. Let’s see how.

1. Open the The Start menu, enter the word regedit and press the key Enter to open theRegistry Editor.

Registry Editor

2. In Registry Editor, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER AppEvents Schemes Apps .Default and as in the example above in the figure, right click on the “.Fault“, in the context menu click on New> Key, then rename the new key you just created by giving it the name “Screenshot“.

3. Close Registry Editor.

4. Press the combination of the two keys Windows + R to open the “To run“; here in the input field paste and send the string rundll32.exe shell32.dll, Control_RunDLL mmsys.cpl, 2 to open the window “audio“Windows to tab”Sounds“(below in the figure):

Windows 10 Audio and Sounds window

5. Scroll through the list in the “Events“until the event is found”Screenshot“and select it with a mouse click.

6. Further down in the “Sounds“, expand the drop-down menu and select the sound you prefer by choosing from the different available.

NOTE: After selecting a sound, you can test it by clicking on the “Trial“.

7. Once you have found the sound you like, all you have to do is tune it to the event “Screenshot“by clicking on the buttons To apply And Okay.

Ended. Now each time the “key is pressed”Stamp“the previously selected associated sound will be played.

If you want to suppress the sound of the “Stamp“, in category “Sounds“, after selecting the event”Screenshot“, defined as his”No“and validate by clicking on the buttons To apply And Okay.

Alternatively, you can delete the key “Screenshot“created earlier.

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