Astronaut wings for commercial space: the FAA will award them until the end of 2021

After the space tourism it has become more and more of a business “commmon” a debate has erupted over who has carried out American trade missions with Galactic Virgo, blue origin And SpaceX was considered a worthy astronaut astronaut wings. The prize was awarded to anyone who passed the 50 miles altitude (about 80km). Once upon a time there was a difficult business to carry out.

astronaut wings

With the new era of Commercial space the situation is changing rapidly. In recent months, we have witnessed the flights of Jeff Bezos (Blue Origin), Richard Branson (Virgin Galactic) and Inspiration4 (SpaceX), to name only the best known. All these missions reached or exceeded 80 km and would therefore be worthy of recognition, even if they were “simple” passengers. for this theDO (Federal Aviation Administration) decided to change the allocation method.

More astronaut wings by 2022, FAA word

In a Press release can be read asDO has completed the program dedicated to commercial space for the allocation of astronaut wings. The explanation is precisely linked to the growing number of individuals that can be considered “astronaut” (not by profession) thanks to the growing opportunities offered by American private companies.

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The press release states that “As the era of commercial space tourism enters, beginning in 2022, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will now recognize people going to space on its website instead of giving astronauts wings for space. commercial”. The same federal agency added “any individual who is on an FAA cleared or cleared launch and reaches 50 statute miles above the Earth’s surface will be listed on the site”.

The list of “astronauts” recognized byDO It’s available on the agency’s website. The database does not actually contain all the people who have been in Space, a more complete list in this sense is that of astrophysicist Jonathan C. McDowell. It obviously starts with Gagarin and there are currently 603 names.

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Wayne Monteith (FAA Associate Administrator) said “The Astronaut Wings Program, established in 2004, has served its original purpose of bringing more attention to this exciting endeavor. Now is the time to offer recognition to a larger group of adventurers who are brave enough to go into space”.

The FAA also added that the vision of Patti Grace Smith (former Administrator of the Office of Space Transportation) is now satisfied with the availability of at least three companies capable of taking people into space. The program will therefore end at the end of 2021 and this means that even those who fly on Blue Origin’s NS-19 mission will receive their wings in a few minutes.

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