Avoid losses! Protect your computer against sudden crashes

I am writing this article because today there was a Blackout in the region where I live, these power outages They last 1 or 2 seconds, but enough to cause losses, I will tell you more about them later.

Before I tell you, I usually use No breaks in my electrical equipment for avoid damage caused by power cuts or spikes in electric current, but a few months ago the backup battery was damaged, and out of laziness I did not replace it.

And what a frustration to see that my computer suddenly turned off while working, to know what was the last modification that I recorded in the progress of my work, the time that I will waste reviewing which modifications were saved or not; all because of an oversight.

Lost due to a power outage

But hey, the lesson learned as soon as I saw the stable power supply, I turned on the computer and ordered a No Break to prevent this again.

Damage that a power failure can cause to computer equipment

A unexpected blackout or also a slow-down he can cause so much physical damage As logic to any electronic device, computer equipment is the most frequently affected.

A sudden cut can cause

  • Unrecorded lost working hours: Some computer programs have an automatic backup from time to time which avoids wasting hours of work, but not all software has this protection or in a certain percentage recovery fails when it is due to a power failure.
  • Damage to the operating system: Operating systems are complex and require correct shutdown sequence to avoid damage, nothing might happen, it won’t shut down properly 2-3 times, but if it happens you will need to fix the system which could take hours.
  • Physical injury: Computer equipment that still uses elements that may be affected by sudden power cuts, such as hard disks, memories or even new SSDs (Solid Disks) may be damaged; By reading / writing to these memory units and cutting abruptly, the sectors are damaged beyond repair; as well as constant drops and spikes in power gradually affect the power source.

This damage can be avoided by No break / reserve battery which is not worth more than 150 USD, in the market we find prices ranging from 800 MXN to 1500 MXN for a single device.

For example, him CyberPower FR-1409 it is economical and durable, a brand Power Energy is becoming popular in Mexico in the sale of backup batteries such as POWER ENERGY WITHOUT Breakage SE-750 to be economical and of medium quality that perfectly meets the needs of home or office IT equipment.

What to do to protect your computer from failure and avoid loss

You can’t assume that there won’t be sudden power cutsso it is always good to be prepared and avoid any disaster.

In extreme conditions, the only 100% foolproof way to protect your computer or electronic equipment from electrical anomalies is to disconnect completely until the danger has passed.

For example, when there is thunderstorms Lightning can transfer its energy through electrical wiring, which can cause major disasters, this does not happen frequently, but in bad installations it does. Likewise, in conditions that bring a lot of wind, electrical short circuits in the wiring can also completely damage your electrical devices. .

Electrical damage due to high voltage

But let’s not be so alarmist, these conditions don’t always exist, power outages can be caused by a number of causes. that we can always protect our equipment with back-up batteries (No break) or uninterruptible power supplies for our most delicate devices and to protect the rest of our devices; we can use voltage regulators, surge protectors Where surge protector.

Recommended No Break brands

As with everything good brands, medium and low quality brands, as a systems engineer I am a user of No Breaks and had to see different brands of backup batteries as well. in different companies and that’s where I draw my conclusions.

Economy brands

Economical which perform their function without problem and which are of average quality in general, it is a question of checking the quality of the exterior finish which does not influence the operation but if it is for a luxurious office they may not contrast. But its lifespan is long, I saw the need to replace the Koblenz brand in a year and a half or 2 years.

Popular brands in business

As they are a little more expensive, have better quality in every way and have very attractive No Break equipment, they are the most purchased for offices and businesses, their lifespan and operation is very good.

Recommended uninterruptible models

It is true that each brand also has different models that might come out with something that people don’t like or maybe faulty with less durability in use.

Models for the office and home (computers, televisions, etc.)

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Models for devices with higher power consumption

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