Axiom Space wins a second mission with private astronauts to the ISS

The market of space tourism and in general, interest in space has increased in recent years, leading various companies to program investment plans in this direction. Several solutions exist such as those of Blue Origin or Virgin Galactic (suborbital but more “cheap”) or more complex missions like Inspiration4 or Maezawa’s MS-20 mission. However, it is among the most promising names Axiom space.


This American company aims to put more and more people into orbit and the first Ax-1 mission is scheduled for the first part of next year. In addition, the most ambitious project is to build a space station in low Earth orbit which will initially be connected to the ISS, then will become a full-fledged unit. These days the Nasa announced that it had selected this company for a second space mission.

Axiom Space: a second mission to the ISS by the end of 2022

According reported by the blog of Nasathe agency selected Axiom space for a second mission private astronauts directed to the international space station. The mission is called Axe-2 and launch is currently scheduled with a window opening in fall 2022 through late spring 2023.

The launch will take place again from Kennedy Space Center and will have a maximum duration of two weeks, after all it is space tourism and not a strictly scientific research mission. As for the MS-20, even then there will always be a way for the private astronauts participate in experiments in agreement with the crew of professional astronauts.

axiom space ax-2

We know who to command the second mission of Axiom space he will be the professional astronaut Peggy Whitson. The private pilot and the astronaut will be John Shoffner, more names are expected to be revealed later. The launch will take place aboard a capsule SpaceX Crew Dragon using a Falcon 9 Rocket.

The price of the experience has not been revealed precisely but for Ax-1 we are talking about $55 million for eight days of stay for each member. However, an idea of ​​how much it could cost to fly in space is available on the official NASA pages. In the future there may be room for a third mission, but currently the Nasa has not yet selected the service provider who will carry it out.

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