Backup SupRemo and Uranium: NanoSystems solutions for business continuity

A business model revolution has been underway for two years and digitalization is no longer an opportunity but a necessity. We’ve talked about digital transformation before, and in this era of uninterrupted business workflow, IT teams need to react quickly to technical issues, downtime and cybersecurity risks.

What is business continuity and why is it so important?

There business continuity it is the ability of an organization to maintain essential functions during and after an interruption or, in the worst case, a loss of data. It is fundamental for organizations of any size and the fundamental requirement is the planning of procedures and technologies for business resilience. Ensuring business continuity saves you money, time and does not affect the company’s reputation. Conversely, prolonged outages and outages lead to financial and reputational losses. In such a scenario, planning and the technologies used are of fundamental importance.

Usually, when we talk about business continuity solutions, we think of systems that are expensive and complicated to manage and maintain, which require the intervention of specialized personnel, but for all companies, even micro-enterprises, they obtain benefits by adopting solutions that allow you to quickly restore data in the event of a sudden disaster. However, less structured realities need solutions that are easy to use, that do not require the assistance of internal personnel and above all that are economical. NanoSystems has created user-friendly software, ideal for the needs of SMEs and micro-enterprises, which can be installed, configured and used even by non-IT personnel.

Business Continuity Solutions NanoSystems

A business continuity plan has three key elements: speed, resilience and recovery.

The solutions of the Italian software house NanoSystems go in this direction because they are oriented towards these principles: topicality can be guaranteed by remote connectivity via the software Supremewhile the protection of the data that determines the resilience and recovery of the company’s information systems is ensured by Uranium backup.

NanoSystems Business Continuity

Supreme is an application for remote control of devices. It supports all major operating systems, allowing connection on Windows, macOS, Linux (via Wine emulator) and on mobile for Android and iOS: the perfect choice for customers who use devices with different operating systems. exploitation.

Among teleworking and remote assistance solutions, it is probably one of the most effective and easy to use: just download it for free and open a file, without any configuration or installation. Then just enter the ID and password of the remote machine to start the connection.

SupRemo takes advantage of the flexibility of use also when it comes to license management. It is free for non-commercial and non-continuous use, but for those who need to use it for business purposes or more frequently (such as connecting to their desktop computer to smart work), the price of this software is among the most competitive on the market. Exist two types of diet and both can be purchased on a quarterly or annual basis: “Solo” and “Business”. The latter, starting at €5 per month, allows up to three simultaneous connections which can be increased at any time according to need.

In short, the ideal solution for IT teams who need advanced features and flexibility of use.

Business continuity depends on the security of the company’s information assets: this is one of the crucial requirements of an “extended office”, in which files and digitized documents must be accessible 24/7 . In short, when it comes to computer security, you have to think about backup. In fact, backing up constantly and frequently can protect the business not only from ransomware attacks, but also from unintentional deletion of documents and files, as well as system crashes and malfunctions.

Uranium backup it is a complete solution for the protection of all data: the numerous backup options and its versatility make it a complete cybersecurity tool. In addition to backing up files, folders, and disk images, it also supports backing up virtual machines and major databases. Backup copies can be saved on different media and systems, including magnetic media, RDX, external hard drives and NAS connected via USB, local network or Internet (FTP, FTPS and Cloud).

Uranium backup

Uranium Backup is also available in free version, but for those who need advanced features, the paid version is one of the solutions with the best value for money on the market. Seven different types of licenses, starting from a single price of $80, make this backup utility suitable for both home and business use.

The more data-dependent businesses become, the more critical business continuity becomes, not only to business success, but also to cost containment. This results in the preparation of procedures and the adoption of prevention technologies that allow the negative consequences listed above to be avoided.

In short, a global approach translates into service availability guaranteed by remote connectivity and in the context Data protection with the ability to recover quickly in the event of a disaster.