Ban on off-road driving, the ANCMA and the IMF oppose it. Here is the statement

Yesterday we told you about the new decree-law that would seem to introduce the prohibition of off-road traffic for any type of vehicle, bicycles included. A news that went around the web in a few hours, due to the many enthusiasts worried about the repercussions that these new rules could have.

As we expected, the trade associations had meanwhile taken action and last night the joint press release also arrived from ANCMA (National Association of Motorcycle Cycle Accessories) e IMF (Federazione Motociclistica Italiana), who are still trying to get clarification from the government, and will certainly keep us updated. We reproduce the press release in its entirety:


The Association of Manufacturers and the Italian Motorcycle Federation: a short-sighted rule with possible profiles of unconstitutionality that creates serious economic damage to the two-wheeler sector, we are working for a correction

MILAN, 15 DEC. – Confindustrie ANCMA (National Association of Motorcycle Cycle Accessories) e IMF (Italian Motorcycle Federation) take position against the content of the decree October 28 published in the Official Journal on December 1, which would prohibit forest and silvo-pastoral roads for ordinary transit. And they do it together, at the end of a year that has paradoxically seen Italian riders triumph in the most important off-road sporting event at international level, the Six Days of Enduro held on the hills of Oltrepò Pavese.

On the one hand, therefore, the two-wheeler industry that generates in Italy a total value of more than 7 billion euros and employs more than 100,000 people in its supply chainon the other hand all the activity sports sector with more than 117,000 members structured in 1,760 Moto Clubs across the country.

It’s a short-sighted standard, which can potentially cause serious economic damage to the market, the entire supply chain, recreational and sporting activities and those related to hospitality and tourism. There is also possible profiles of unconstitutionalitybecause the balance of the interests at stake and the constitutional rights such as freedom of movement, the right to free economic initiative and the right to exercise sports and recreational activities is manifestly lacking.

The ANCMA and the IMF, pending new initiatives, have activated an interlocution with the government in these hours in order to obtain clarifications and a correction of the provisions contained in the decree.