“Basic” green pass mandatory for personal services. Since when and how to have it on your phone

The Green passes it changes again from today, January 20, and it does so for its “basic” version which will then change again on February 1, extending its necessary presence to other categories. In this case, know that from today, January 20, you will need to have the ”basic” Green Pass i.e. what you get for being molecular test negative in the last 72 hours or antigen (rapid) test negative in the last 48 hours, to access personal services and that means entering from hairdresserof Hairdresser and also in a beauty Center the ”basic” green certification must be presented.

Green Pass: here’s everything you need to know

From today, January 20, the ”basic” Green Passes will be compulsory in Italy to access the so-called ”personal services” while the “reinforced” will always remain mandatory for access to places where shows and sporting events take place, for consumption at the table in covered bars and restaurants, for parties, discos and public ceremonies.

In this case, they remain the procedures for obtaining the two Pass Verts are different why thisstrengthened will only come from vaccination or curing the diseasecovid certified duringthe base one will only be released via a molecular or even rapid swabperformed within the previous 48 hours.

How do I get the ”Enhanced” Green Pass and the ”basic” Green Pass?

The green pass ”reinforced” can be received with one of the following conditions:

  • have been vaccinated against COVID-19
  • have recovered from COVID-19 in the past six months

The ”Improved” Green Pass will be valid for 9 months(and not 12 months like the previous Green Pass).

The green pass ”Basic” can be received with one of the following conditions:

  • be negative in a molecular test within the last 72 hours
  • be negative to a (rapid) antigen test within the last 48 hours

The Green Pass is clearly valid for 72 or 48 hoursdepending on the sample taken.

GreenPAssRafforzato !

”Reinforced” Green Pass and ”Basic” Green Pass: what to do?

The Green Super Pass it will be used to access shows, sporting events, indoor bars and restaurants, parties and discos, public ceremonies, which would otherwise be restricted in the yellow zone. As well the Super Green Passwill be required before entering several key locations in Italy according to this list of all places where it will be required (HERE you can find the government table):

  • restaurants and bars
  • theaters,cinemas and museums
  • sporting events, stadiums, concerts and shows
  • celebrations and ceremonies,

  • exhibitions,Congress,theme and amusement parks, festivals

  • spas,
  • bingo halls and casinos,
  • gigs,
  • public competitions,
  • indoor pools,
  • gymnasiums,
  • team sports,
  • spas,
  • hotels,
  • Ski stations,
  • cultural, social and recreational centers covered,
  • public transport:
    – Airplanes
    (in planes the check must be carried out at the time of boarding with verification of the correspondence between the ticket holder and the green pass. Temperature taking is compulsory in airports);
    – high-speed rail transport
    (currently provided that for high-speed trains the control preferably takes place at the time of access to the gate with verification of the correspondence between the ticket holder and the green pass. The protocol establishes that in the event of positive on board the convoy must be stopped);
    – regional rail transport, therefore intercity and suburban trains;
    – local public transport, therefore buses, coaches and metros.

GreenPAssRafforzato 2

The basic Green Pass will therefore be valid for access to workplaces however, it cannot be used for all other locations accessible only with the Super Green Pass.

Here is the list of all the places where it will be possible to enter with the ”Basic” Green Pass:

  • workplace,
  • hairdresser,
  • beauty Center,
  • Hairdresser.

The ”basic” Green Pass is compulsory from February 1 also in these cases

The new decree stipulates that from next February 1, the ”basic” Green Pass will also be compulsory for new activities and therefore users will have to present it at the entrance to be able to use the places listed below:

  • public functions,
  • laid,
  • banks,
  • non-essential shops (excluding supermarkets and pharmacies),
  • shopping centers,
  • face-to-face visual interviews with detainees and internees (in adult and juvenile prisons)

At last from February 15 will also be introduced the obligation at work of the Green Super Pass for the over 50s: for this category the vaccination obligation is already in force and from mid-February employees will have to show the reinforced Covid Certification to go to the workplace, the one downloadable with the vaccine or with recovery.

VerificaC19: how does the Green Pass verification app work?

To verify the Green Pass ”Reinforced” or the Green Pass ”Basico” you must use the VerificaC19 applicationwhich is the only one issued by the Ministry to scan green certifications and which has been officially updated by the government precisely to be able to check the new Green Passes from today, December 6th. For the citizen, nothing changes clearly, but for those who use the application instead, it is necessary to update via the Google Play Store or via the Apple App Store, depending on where the application has been installed.


Once the update is installed, opening the Check C19 app will give you two options:enhanced verification (vaccination/cure)Andbasic control (vaccination/cure/smear). At this point you need to scan the QR code. And apart from this double prior option, nothing changes. Clearly in this case it will be the inspector who will have to know which Green Pass will have to be checked, depending on the activity or the place where you are.

Green Pass: how to register it on your smartphone

Have the ”reinforced” Green Pass always at handon your smartphone, you can save it to the appropriate wallet on the iPhone or even directly to the Stocard app if you have an iPhone or Android. By means of a possible double proceduresave the green certificate in the iOS Apple Walletto then have it at hand at the controls. It will be in the credit card and boarding pass section, allowing users to quickly access the Green Pass view without having to search through screenshots, saved images or even without having to enter Immuni or the IO app every time.

The procedure is really immediate and fast.As mentioned, there are two ways: onevia Stocard appand the other with acompletely free and open source servicewhich allows you to transfer your Green Pass to Apple Wallet (since no other app allows it yet).


If you choose the service”CovidPass”, which you can find directly at this address,you can add the European COVID digital certificate directly in the iOS Wallet app. enough to do itaccess the CovidPass servicewhere you will be prompted to scan the QR code of the certificate or select a screenshot or a PDF page with the QR code (which you have previously saved to your camera roll via the Immuni app or even with the IO app).

At this point, the service asks you topersonalize your Green Passi.e. you can choosebackground color that will be set on the certificate in the wallet. In this case, the colors that can be chosen are: white, black, gray, green, indigo, blue, purple and turquoise. Once the background has been chosen, it will be possible to accept the service’s privacy policy and add your own Green Pass to the iOS Wallet, which will automatically find its place.



As mentioned You can also register your Green Pass with the Stocard app. In this case, the application is widely used by users because it allows you to have a real container of loyalty cards that you can use quickly when you are in the stores. In this case you can also add your Green Pass on Stocard and locally on your iPhone also on the Apple Wallet.This procedure will also apply to your Android smartphonealthough in this case the Green Pass can only be registered on the Stocard app and cannot be placed in the Google wallet.

Here too, the procedure is decidedly simple.Simply open the Stocard app and using the ”+” button manually add your Green Pass (which was previously saved to your Camera Roll). In the list of different loyalty cards, just type Green Pass. The Stocard application will automatically save the Green Pass on the owner Wallet, which can therefore be consulted if necessary. On top of that, to save it to the Apple Wallet, just open the Green Pass on Stocard, tap the three dots at the top right, and from the menu that will appear, just select”Add to Apple Wallet”and it will automatically be added to your wallet.