Bellroy All-Conditions Phone Pocket review: premium protection

Bellroy All-Conditions phone pocket and card pocket

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There are cases to put on your iPhone, and then there are cases to put your iPhone into. Bellroy’s All-Conditions phone pocket is the second designed to protect it from drops, water and dirt.

All-Conditions Phone Pocket is an older Bellroy product that has recently been re-envisioned with a new fit and finish. It looks clean and modern, but it’s designed to get dirty.

This starts with a water resistant leather shell and extends to the water resistant Aquaguard zipper for approximately half of the case.

Inside are card slots and space for an iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro sized phone, although it can accommodate other brands of smartphones.

The wallet case did a good job of protecting its contents in our hands, but it was also a great fit for some of the things we wanted to keep protected.

Phone pocket for all conditions

Bellroy sells two versions of the All-Conditions Phone Pocket, one that fits an iPhone 14 and one that fits a Plus or Max version of the iPhone. We tried the standard sizes.

Internal phone pocket

Internal phone pocket

There’s a slot on the inside right side meant for a phone. Our iPhone 14 Pro with Mujjo case slipped into the elastic pocket and rested just below the top zipper.

On the opposite side of the phone are three slots: one for cards, one for folded bills, and an upper one for coins or a key. There is a cord to attach a key, so it won’t fall out.

The idea of ​​a ring of keys is a clever one, but we basically didn’t have a single key to use, so the ring just got in the way, taking up space in that upper area.

The water resistant leather on the outside was great. The zipper, however, was difficult to open in one smooth motion.

iPhone 14 Pro inside phone pocket

iPhone 14 Pro inside phone pocket

It’s a tradeoff to have a zipper that’s protected from water but also easy to pull back and forth. It worked well enough for us to protect ourselves against “all conditions”.

If you simply need a phone wallet, the less smooth zipper might be annoying to handle.

We loved the All-Conditions phone pocket for not only protection from the elements, but fitness and exercise as well.

Bellroy cites many inspirations for this new model derived from cycling. For us it ran. It was nice not to worry about sweating on my phone pocket after a run.

In addition to sweating on the product, we sprayed it with a garden hose. We didn’t see any leaks to the interior space and felt confident in its ability to resist moisture.

We don’t know how it would handle falling to the bottom of a pool or lake, and we wouldn’t want to risk that scenario.

Pocket for all conditions

Similar to the Phone Pocket, Bellroy also has an All-Conditions Card Pocket. It is essentially a miniature version of the Phone Pocket.

Key loop on card pocket

Key loop on card pocket

We found that the same benefits and annoyances were intact in this smaller version.

The zipper may be difficult to open or close in one movement. Likewise, opening the card pocket wide enough to fit cards and cash inside could be a struggle.

Equally, we weren’t convinced that a key ring was needed, as it took up quite a bit of space in the top coin area.

Overall, the All-Conditions Card Pocket protects money and cards from sweat, rain or various types of dirt.

How much protection does your phone need?

If you’re looking for a wallet case for your iPhone, we really like this one. However, there are some caveats that don’t make it a universal recommendation.

At $109, it’s a premium option. There are less expensive choices out there. But this Phone Pocket should last a while based on our experience with other Bellroy products. Additionally, the company offers a three-year warranty.

Getting the phone pocket sealed tightly and keeping the contents protected has some trade-offs and can take some force to open and close the zipper.

If you like the idea of ​​protecting yourself from the elements but don’t need a case to hold a phone, the Card Pocket is also a solid choice.

Bellroy All-Conditions Phone Pouch – Pro

  • Premium feel and construction
  • Waterproof
  • Surprisingly roomy inside for cards and cash

Bellroy All-Conditions Phone Pouch – Cons

  • Zipper may stick a little
  • The keychain can get in the way

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

The Phone Pocket is available for purchase at Bellroy.