Black Friday is dead, indeed not. Tips for understanding something in the many offers

I could have signed this article as “editorial” but I decided to put my face to tell you one true story. Having worked in the tech industry for over twenty years, in my vast circle of friends, I am the one who, in early November, is strewn with questions about Black friday. Someone has to buy a new PC, others a smartphone, still others several articles more or less related to the world of technology and they turn to me, as if I have the answer in my pocket and the lists of price, all in advance, in my head.

Once I had clear ideas at least about the period, like many others who were not too careful. “Wait for Black FridayI said a few years ago. On Amazon, in fact, that day and also the following Monday, Cyber ​​Monday,
all the best offers were concentrated. What happens over time? May the large distribution chains, scattered all over our beautiful country but also other online stores, eat the sheet. To anticipate many tempting offers, knowing that they have a certain date when competitor Amazon will make its best moves, which is the last Friday in November. Always and in any case, always.

Amazon Black Friday 2021

We arrive at Few years ago: Amazon, as if to say a “Oh yes? So take this“, starts handing out some of the best deals already in the first part of November. Even better than those of Black Friday, in several cases. Except that at this stage the user is amazed and people like me too. What do I tell my friends? The amateur has the eye to immediately understand whether the offer of the essentials or not. Common people, who may be waiting for Black Friday to change their TV or refrigerator, find themselves with a dry mouth after seeing excellent prices slip under their noses “,So who knows Black Friday“In which these articles perhaps
they cost more.

It happened last year with many articles: the week before Black Friday, a Samsung 55 “television was offered, for example, for 399, then became 499 in the next few days, Black Friday included. The long list includes SSDs, food processors, housewares, and more. On Black Friday there was a lot on offer, mind you, but many of these previous offers do not.


I have shared the same advice here as reserved for friends. Now practical: there will be some on Amazon real offers, from Black Friday, throughout the month. Moral: there will be many offers EVEN BEFORE Black Friday and only then. If an item on sale is in November, better assess the purchase without waiting for it to drop further because it is now a Black November, not a Black Friday. To understand if a featured Amazon item is “beefy,” you can always check out the many price tracking sites such as
Keep a. We will try to bring you the best deals, day to day, Black Friday or not Black Friday. Then everyone chooses with their own mind and buys where they want, but I do all of this to make it clear that Black Friday, as it once was, no longer exists. Now everything is more spread over the whole month. There will be some big deals on Black Friday, of course, a lot. But not only that day: others, from the same entity, are already there now.