Bobby Kotick: from Microsoft 375 million dollars with the Activision Blizzard operation

$375.3 million following the acquisition by Microsoft Of ActivisionBlizzard for a total value of $68.7 billion. how much will you receive Bobby Kotick, who has been CEO of Activision since 1991 and has been the protagonist of all phases of the company’s growth, as well as many crucial moments in the history of video games. Following the announcement of the acquisition, Microsoft announced that Kotick would remain CEO of Activision, but informed sources say the executive will only stay in the role until the acquisition is complete, before being replaced. .

In total, this remains a significant figure (source Bloomberg), when we know that Kotick has been overwhelmed by allegations of sexual harassment that have affected the entire Activision Blizzard group. To the point that some suspected that the sale of the group had been accelerated by legal troubles.

Bobby Kotick

In November, Activision workers organized strikes and petitions to protest Kotick’s attitude, also demanding his dismissal for not having informed the board of directors, when he was aware of the faults that had occurred at the time within the company.

Kotick currently owns 4 million shares of Activision Blizzard, more than anyone. Board Chairman Brian Kelly owns 1.4 million. While Microsoft rated Activision $95 per sharethe liquidation of Kelly’s stock will return $137.1 million to Kelly’s pocket, while more than $375 million will go to Kotick.

This is a considerable sum of money, due to the fact that Microsoft has valued Activision Blizzard shares with a 45% bonus compared to last Friday’s market close, which more than offset the devaluation Activision’s stock suffered due to revelations about the harassment regime and cover-ups that have persisted within the company for several years .

In 2020, Kotick received total compensation of $155 million, while last year he asked the board to reduce his compensation to just over $60,000, the lowest amount allowed by California law. for a frame of his level. The measure would be maintained until the board is satisfied with the results obtained in terms of diversity, equity and inclusion.

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