Call of Duty: Activision may drop annual release schedule

In 2023, there may not be the usual call of Duty annual. In light of the acquisition by Microsoftin fact, activision would consider ditching the annual release schedule that Call of Duty has been pursuing for some time now.

Call of Duty: maybe end of annual releases, but there will be some in 2022

Second Bloomberg Talks are underway among Activision’s senior management to ease the pace of releases from the military franchise. Indeed, according to some employees of the company, more time available for development between releases is needed to deliver the quality standards expected by the communityespecially in view of the poor results obtained by Call of Duty Vanguard.

Call of Duty Vanguard

L’last chapter of call of duty not only did it fail to meet the quality standards expected by the community, but it also fell short of Activision’s sales targets. Bloomberg doesn’t know when the Spaced Launch program might take over, but it could happen as early as 2023, when Activision’s insertion into Microsoft, to avoid bureaucratic hassles, is expected to be completed.

The Call of Duty 2022although not yet officially announced, rather should already be in the pipeline and ready to hit stores in the christmas season, like always. After, Call of Duty could change significantlyand maybe (this is our prediction) only offer the paid single-player campaign and switch to the free-to-play business model for multiplayer, or continue the same approach that Microsoft has taken with Infinite Halo.

Meanwhile, Phil SpencerDirector of Xboxsaid Call of Duty will also continue to release on consoles PlayStation, despite the agreement between Microsoft and Activision. He, however, did not specify if this will continue to be the case in the coming years or if it only concerns the chapters of the series for which commercial agreements have already been reached.

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