Cannondale renews the Synapse series with the SmartSense system: connected radar and lights

A bike designed for excellent performance, but also for long-lasting mobility in complete safety: Cannondale update yours 2022 Synapse Bike Lineupequipped with SmartSense intelligent radar and lighting system.


cannondale C22 Synapse Tech 600

SmartSense an intelligent system of lights and radar that actively communicates with the cyclist, the bike and the environment: one of the advantages of the system is that it is powered by a single battery, which facilitates recharging operations and does not not require you to remember to load each individual component. Before riding, riders can manage SmartSense through the Cannondale app to choose how to increase rider visibility, so they can see and be seen more effectively. Once the desired customizations have been applied, a revolution of the front wheel, equipped with a Cannondale wheel sensor, initiates a chain of communication through all available SmartSense touch points.

Garmin Varia Radar: Constantly monitors oncoming rear traffic and can report speed, distance and number of cars with audible and visual alerts on the Cannondale app or bike display.

Lezyne daytime running lights front and rear: the front light improves visibility in traffic to help the cyclist be seen. The rear light, with an optional brake warning function, provides better visibility behind the rider. You can adjust the brightness of both for daylight or changing weather conditions, or warn of rear traffic and hard braking.

cannondale C22 Synapse batteria garmin 600

Garmin VariaCore Battery: A single power source eliminates the need to charge multiple batteries and helps avoid the risk of an ill-equipped ride. The battery can also be used as a USB-C charging source when disconnected from the bike frame.

Cannondale wheel sensor: Pair Synapse with the Cannondale app and automatically activate SmartSense when turning the front wheel.


cannondale C22 Synapse bici 600

Introduced 15 years ago as the first road frame in carbon of its range, Cannondale created the category of endurance bikes with Synapse. This versatile road bike embodies the perfect blend of performance, comfort and versatility with the ability to tackle a variety of terrains.

This version has increased comfort by 8%, it is in fact the figure relating to the vertical flexion of the frame of the bicycle to absorb the shocks and vibrations of the road, thanks to controlled flex zones applied in parts of the rear triangle and saddle and seat post.

Design Proportional response applies specific adjustments to the geometry, construction, stiffness and steering characteristics of the bike, based on the size of the rider and their different center of gravity, to provide the same level of comfort and handling on all frame sizes.

Designed to face any type of course, from paved roads to dirt roads, Synapse has the ability to accommodate tires up to 35mm. For long days in the saddle, it is equipped with top tube bag holders and two water bottles.

The all new Synapse is available in 4 carbon models, sizes 48 to 61. SmartSense will feature on carbon models 1, 2 and 3 with a selection of speed cameras, lights and electronic shifting indicated by R, L and E in the model name. Synapse has a retail price of 3,499 – 8,499. Synapse and SmartSense models sold in Europe are fitted with StVZO compliant lights.