Canon EOS R: three more models arriving in 2022, possibly the first APS-C

cannon keep betting on without mirror slowly trying to replace corresponding DSLRs in all market segments. An example was given in the recent statements of the CEO of the Japanese company where he indicated how the EOS-1D X Mark III will be the last model “not without a mirror” for the high end. What the future of the line holds Canon EOS-R?

canon eos

The company seems to want to maintain a very aggressive pace against the competition. This could allow users to find the right product for their needs while for cannon could erode the market shares won by brand like Sony (since the massive spread of mirrorless systems). The company doesn’t seem to worry about issues with semiconductor production. This has led to order suspensions in the past but could be less severe in the coming months.

The future of the Canon EOS R mirrorless range

As reported by Canon Rumorsin 2022, three different solution models will be presented without mirror. If the information was correct (but being rumors may be wrong or inaccurate), the premiere could debut this year APS-C of the family Canon EOS-R. The model in question could take the name of Canon EOS R7 and the announcement could be set for March.

mirrorless barrel

This possibility has been talked about for a few years now and maybe 2022 could finally be the time for the official presentation. The specifications are not yet known but, still according to rumours, it could be the union between the EOS M50 and the EOS 7D thus ensuring interesting performance with a reduced format sensor. Its price should be just under 1000 euros for the case alone, leaving room for solutions as well full frame without mirror. Canon could also choose to remove the EVF in order to have a smaller body size (and also less expensive to produce).

A new one will also debut this year full frame without mirror entry that will replace what was once the EOS RP. This new line solution Canon EOS-R will use the EOS R6 sensor but probably with reduced functionality to avoid “annoy” to the more expensive models. Then there will be a solution that will position itself between the EOS R6 and the EOS R5 with a new generation sensor that will have fewer pixels than the latter.

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