Change at the head of HPE Italia: Claudio Bassoli arrives as President and CEO

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Italy announced that Stephane Venturicurrent President and CEO of the company, will make way for Claudio Bassoli effective February 1, 2022. Venturi, who has led HP’s transition to HPE for the past ten years, becomes chairman of Cefriel, an organization founded by the Politecnico di Milano to encourage and support digital innovation.

Claudo Bassoli becomes President and CEO of HPE

Claudio Bassoli, President and CEO of HPE Italy

Venturi leaves HPE in a very favorable position, with 2021 representing the best fiscal year on record and significant growth in many areas: in networks, where the company is the market leader in enterprise WiFi 6 solutions, in solutions Storage and Compute, Including High-Performance Computing, HPE Delivers Double-Digit Growth; for GreenLake, or the service with which HPE makes hardware (and more) available to enterprises as a service, growth was triple digits.

Bassoli takes on the leadership role of HPE at a crucial time, when the investments in digitization are notable in our country, thanks also (and above all) to the PNRR, the National Recovery and Resilience Plan launched by the Government to promote recovery and economic development after the COVID-19 pandemic. At a conference where Bassoli introduced himself to the Italian press, he said how crucial this moment is to ensure that the Italian ICT supply chain is enriched (in its own and figured) in its entire length and that develop Italian skills which can put our country on an equal footing with the rest of Europe and the world.

Much remains to be done regarding the Italian digital culture, considered deficient by both Venturi and Bassoli. Solving this problem is difficult and will take considerable time and constant effort. In particular, Bassoli stresses that greater government intervention to facilitate the spread of digital culture is fundamental. We add, however, that the government must start from the public administration, given the not exactly constructive examples of the INPS and the various “clicking days” that we have witnessed.