For customers who have recently purchased the services of Masmobile, specifically that of the Internet, today we will bring you all the detailed information on how to change the password modem, so be sure to read the next sections.


Change Masmóvil password

Masmóvil es una compañía española de telecomunicaciones, que opera como una filial administrativa ya que su empresa matriz es Yoigo, la misma is encarga de ofrecer servicios básicos tales como telefonía fija, móvil e Internet (fibra y lasá 4G), siendo un from the country.

The company was founded in 2006, little by little it has ventured into different markets until it can work in all available branches. As previously stated, it is one of the largest companies in the country as it uses Yoigo’s infrastructure to deliver its services.

Currently, the infrastructure with which the Grupo Masmóvil de Fibra / ADSL works is also used to offer services for mobile phones (3G, 4G and soon 5G), by the way, is one of the best in Spain, because it is one of the fastest.

However, today we will focus specifically on how to change Masmóvil password, among other aspects that we will present shortly.

How to change the password?

This is a very simple and quick procedure to perform, as you do not need to be a computer scientist to do it, you have to follow a series of very simple steps, which we will explain in detail below. , because without more to say, we start:

1.To start with, you need to open the browser that you fully trust, after that you need to type in the search bar the following IP address:

2. After that, it will take you to the configuration page or to the control panel, where to enter it is necessary to enter a username and password. In this space you must place Másmovil, in both cases. Remember that there are two modem models.

If you are using the newer models (ZTE H267N) the word you will need to write is: user (also in both areas).

3.Once done, you will have entered the modem control panel, you must go to NEWTWORK, there you will find a drop-down menu in which you will have to click on WLAN, in turn, another will appear and in the last one you must select SECURITY.

Four.In this part, this is where you need to change the password and if you also want the network name, once done you will need to click on submit for the changes to be saved.

How to do it on other routers?

If the router you own is not from the company, don’t worry, because here we will show how to do it in another, as the process is very similar since the vast majority of modems have the same operating system. , despite some differences.

To begin with, just like in the previous one, you need to enter the browser and after that the control panel using the IP address. If you do not know it, there is a possibility to find it, and it is by clicking here . Then write it in the search bar and you will enter the configuration area.


Once you are inside the panel, the system will ask you for a series of data such as username and password, in this case they should be found in the router manual and if not, you can contact the supplier to facilitate the required information.

After logging in, go to the corresponding menu and make the respective modification (username and password), check that the data entered are correct and press the button to safeguard, that in English has several words to this effect, otherwise the changes will not be saved.

Password Recommendations

It is very important to maintain the security of all electronic devices, but especially of the Wi-Fi modem. After showing how to change Moremóvil wifi password, we will leave a recommendation for passwords, so that you protect all your information.

There are some apps that allow you to decrypt the keys of the available Wi-Fi networks, as well as hackers or internet hackers who are always looking for those who are most vulnerable, accessing them and, of course, of all the information that you have there.

When changing a password, it must be at least 8 digits long, which must include uppercase, lowercase, special characters, and numbers. By meeting these requirements, it can be completely safe.

Another important thing to emphasize is that when creating it, do not put any information in connection with your personal data, be it dates of birth, names of relatives, among others, as this facilitates the work of hackers.

Relevant aspects

The vast majority of modems or routers, regardless of brand, have more or less the same operating system, in this case they always have their factory username and password. They can usually be located on a sticker on the back of the device.

The name, you must look for it in the list of Wi-Fi connections when you go to connect to the Internet, on the other hand the password (alphanumeric), is the one that you will enter to be able to enter your new Wi-Fi modem, in always respecting upper and lower case, otherwise it will be marked as false.

As we could mention, the procedure to be able to connect is very simple, the problem usually occurs when changing this key which is included in the factory router, however, d can be done as explained in the paragraphs previous ones.

Well, in case someone steals their Wi-Fi signal, through this article and what has been explained in the previous paragraphs, we have given them the tools to avoid these inconveniences.

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