Chrome, version 100 available: the new icon and many features are coming

More than 13 years after the first version, released in September 2008, Google launched the distribution of Chrome 100 and after all these years (many in the tech world), the basic approach hasn’t changed. The name Chrome was chosen to represent minimalist interface, characterized by a single omnibox to enter URLs and perform searches and the list of tabs at the top, and to recall the notion of speed (with the chrome of fast cars). Over the years, however, the Google browser has had to adapt to changing market needs, and also with Chrome 100 there is a new icon which best represents the modern style.

chrome icone2008

As we saw in February, the new icon it does not change the style that we have seen in previous years, becoming even more simple and minimalist. In recent months, moreover, the browser has seen several innovations: in September 2021, Google began to release updates every four weeks, and no longer every six weeks as before, to release security improvements, optimizations and features with greater diligence. IT administrators can choose the eight-week cycle. Some new things are also coming to the server side, without requiring a software update, as happened with the Reading List and the Favorites side panel with Chrome 99.

Chrome 100, a new icon among innovations

Chromium has followed over the years the needs that have arisen over time, and with the release of Chrome 100 this feature has been emphasized with the introduction of a more modern icon. Over the years, the icon has gone through three different designs, and the fourth completely flattens the ever-recognizable browser icon. With the latest version, shadows are completely removed and colors are slightly more saturated. The inner circle is getting taller and the outer circle slightly thinner, with the goal of the redesign being to harmonize the style with every operating system Chrome can run on.

w11 chrome100 ios chrome100
Windows 11 on the left, iOS on the right

On macOS for example, the circle is presented on a white background in 3D, with a very fine cylindrical shape, whereas on iOS the white background is kept but the cylindrical shape is lost. On Android, ChromeOS and Windows 11 the white background disappears, presenting a style closer to the remaining icons that can be found natively on the different OS.

macos chrome100
macOS – Chrome 99 on the left, Chrome 100 on the right

Chromium 100 introduces a number of new features, such as how cookie strings are parsed, allowing you to set the domain attribute to an empty string. This aligns browser operation with industry standards, improving interoperability with Safari and Firefox. It also improves multi-screen handling with Multi-Monitor Window Placement API, which lets you deliver a smoother experience in more scenarios than previous versions by being able to handle more information on the secondary display. Also among the innovations is a new method that allows sites that leverage the Bluetooth and WebUSB web standards to “forget” connecting to human interface devices (HIDs) if they are no longer needed. The Digital Assets API, which allow Play Store web apps to accept digital purchases. There are also several other minor innovations, which the developer has detailed at this address.

It’s also worth mentioning that Chrome 100 is the last version of the browser to support a non-collapsed user agent string by default. From April 19, 2022, websites will have to use the new User Agent Client Hints API to recognize the browser and get the most out of it.

Chrome 100 is currently being deployed on all compatible platforms: it can be downloaded via the App Store, Google Play Store and from the official Chrome website and via other stores on the various compatible platforms. The update is done automatically using your browser and must be applied on restart following download.

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