Ciaho, the new ho.Mobile tariff

For those who make frequent calls abroad, the brand new ho tariff is available from July 26, 2021. Mobile phone, call Ciaho, extremely complete offer, with which it is possible:

  • Send SMS without limits;
  • Make unlimited calls to all Italian landlines and mobiles;
  • Surf with the 70 GB data pack with download and download speeds of up to 30 Mbps;
  • Call 300 minutes per month, on fixed and / or mobile numbers in 37 countries around the world.

The monthly cost of this new tariff is only 9.90 euros per month, designed specifically for those who, in addition to GB of internet traffic, unlimited national calls and SMS, want a price that allows them to make international calls to 37 countries around the world, listed below:

  • Argentina, Australia (landline only), Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil (landline only), Bulgaria, Canada, China, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Israel (landline only), Malta, Morocco (landline only), Mexico, Norway, Netherlands, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, United States, Sweden, Switzerland, Hungary

The 2.6 million customers reached by ho.Mobile in July 2021 are tangible proof of the excellent rates offered by combined with the quality of the Vodafone network, and the new Ciaho offer is no exception.


How to activate Ciaho

Activation of the Ciaho plan, can be achieved conveniently online, from this link Ciaho, ask the Free delivery at home or by the withdrawal of the SIM at the kiosk.

Activation costs 9 euros, to which must be added 99 cents for the SIM, for anyone requesting the activation of a new number or portability with their operator. Only if the portability is carried out by the operator Vodafone, the cost of activation amounts to 29 euros.

Those who activate the Ciaho plan will also receive a promotional code be used to be able to use the Western Union service, by removing the commission on the first transfer of money abroad.

Once consumed all data plans included with the Ciaho offer, navigation it is automatically blocked, no additional cost.

In this case, it is possible via the application to take advantage of Restart the service, which makes it possible to anticipate the renewal of the offer, provided that there is less than 5 Giga left at the end of the offer, and no less than 3 hours from its renewal.

For the exceeding the 300 minutes available for international calls, instead, a pay-per-use rate is applied (with costs based on the country to which the call is made) or, also in this case, it is possible to opt for Restart the service.

On the other hand, with the Auto-recharge service, we can activate the automatic recharge, in order to debit the renewal on a payment card or on the remaining credit.

Available for the Ciaho offer, also oninitiative that I have. Many friends, with which you will receive a Free recharge of 5 euros, each time a customer activates the plan from the link you shared. This free top-up of 5 euros will also be received by the customer who received the invitation. The initiative I have, all with a maximum limit of 150 euros in free top-ups.

Among the services included in this offer are:

  • navigation by access point
  • SMS I have. called
  • call transfer
  • call waiting
  • offer management application
  • 42121 for the remaining credit
  • block paid services such as ringtones and horoscopes
  • deactivate toll numbers 199 and 899, which can be reactivated manually.
  • renewal of the offer always on the same day of the month
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