Cisco is also focusing on quantum computers with research into photonic networks

As well Cisco intends to enter the world of quantum computers, according to what was stated in an article published on the company’s blog. Concretely, Cisco seems to be interested in photonics applied to the quantum world to build quantum computing networks.

Cisco is interested in photonics for quantum computers

Cisco Catalyst 720

While Cisco isn’t the first name that comes to mind when it comes to quantum computers, the company is part of the American Center for Quantum Networks, an organization run by the University of Arizona that aims to create a new sector based on communication between quantum computers.

As he points out Alireza Shabani in the’article on the Cisco Blog, “Currently the goal of quantum hardware development projects is to show units with less than a hundred qubits, whereas the problems start when you want to scale systems to a thousand and then to millions [di qubit]. […] Modularity is a way to reduce system complexity and, in the case of quantum computers, can be achieved by connecting distributed quantum chips through quantum connections. In addition to scalability, photonic networks allow connectivity in which all modules can communicate with each other, resulting in a dramatic increase in the computing power of the system. »

At present, quantum computer networks are still quite far away: before we see them, we will have to develop the technologies to build them, such as fiber optics, switches, synchronizers, etc. in addition to this, it will be necessary to establish methods and protocols for the distribution of entanglement and quantum information, as well as to create SDKs and compilers and define fault-tolerant architectures.

There is still a long way to go, but recent developments suggest that “Photonics is a low-risk, high-return technology investment in the quantum world” and it’s interesting how manufacturers that aren’t focused on quantum computers are also starting to enter that world.