CNR is the first Italian organization to join the IBM Quantum network

CNR is the first Italian entity to join IBM’s Quantum Network, the global network of organizations that has access to IBM’s quantum computers and the various resources connected to them.

CNR joins the IBM Quantum network

IBM Eagle 1

The CNR, the Italian National Research Council, has announced its entry into the IBM Quantum Network, a network that offers its members access to more than 20 quantum computers (including a system with the Eagle processor), as well as IBM’s development resources and expertise in this area.

“The Cnr is the first Italian institution to participate in the IBM Quantum network. This agreement opens the possibility of cooperation with prestigious international partners who carry out research in the quantum technologies sector and offers our researchers and the development of the country a very advanced, capable of marking a revolutionary turning point in various sectors, starting with information technology”declared the president of the Cnr Maria Chiara Carrozza. “Access to the Network is in this first phase intended for Cnr-Icar and Cnr-Iit researchers who, through these technologies, intend to promote the training of new professional and research figures such as the quantum engineer, but it is already planned the possibility of extending it to other CNR institutes.”

Alessandro Curionidirector of IBM Research for Europe whom we interviewed during our visit to the IBM laboratories in Zurich, says that “Quantum computing is essential, along with classical computers, to address some of the biggest challenges we face: from models to accurately simulate the physical world, and eventually design better drugs and materials, to tools to solve problems complex optimization processes such as those related to climate modeling and finance.Even the objectives of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan can find a valid ally in quantum computing.The entry of the Cnr into the IBM Quantum Network goes in this direction, also through a public-private partnership, to strengthen the country’s computing capacity and, at the same time, create and develop new strategic professional figures

CNR is one of many names joining the IBM Quantum network: it was only last month that major names such as LG and Capgemini joined.