Collection of programs to fix Windows problems with Windows Repair Toolbox

Windows Repair Toolbox a collection of portable programs to repair problems on Windows PCs

Windows Repair Toolkit is a portable application that collects a series of programs third parties through which fix various problems which can appear on a Windows computer.

The programs in question, for the most part known software, are all free and portable, that is, they do not require installation, but are immediately ready for use.

Once Windows Repair Toolbox is launched, the “Tools“In which is made available a set of programs broken down by category of use:

Windows Repair Toolbox Tools tab
  • Equipment set of software to analyze computer hardware devices (CPU-Z, GPU-Z, RAMExpert, HWinfo, HWmonitor etc.)
  • Backup and restore software package for backing up and restoring files (including Recuva)
  • Repair software set of software for various repairs (Autoruns, Process Explorer, Complete Internet Repair, etc.)
  • Uninstallation program set of software to completely uninstall programs from the PC (Revo Uninstaller, Antivirus Removal Tool, etc.)
  • Useful tool set of useful software for different tasks (Ninite, WizTree, PatchMyPc, NirLauncher etc.)
  • the Windows a collection of click-run commands to launch Windows tools like task manager, event viewer, reliability monitor, CHKDISK, etc.

Keep in mind that these programs are not immediately ready to use, but the first time you use them you have to download them from the Internet by clicking the button of the one you want; that way, once the download is complete, the programs in question will be added to Windows Repair Toolbox (in the “Downloads“) and therefore ready to be executed by clicking on the respective homonymous button in the”Tools“.

Malware removal from Windows Repair Toolbox tab

Ditto for the card “Malware removal“which brings together a set of programs to find and remove various viruses and malware from your computer (including Adwcleaner, Malwarebytes, RKill, Kaspersky, RogueKiller, HitmanPro etc.), as well as other applications to optimize and clean the system (Ccleaner, WinRepairAIO, Disk Defrag, Autoruns), and a set of software for making upgrades up to date Windows, Java, Adobe Flash and Adobe Reader.

Windows Repair Toolbox Custom Tools tab

In the “Custom tools“by clicking on the link”case” in category “How to use“You can add custom programs to Windows Repair Toolbox by copying them to the folder”Adding custom tools“which will be displayed (we mean portable programs), which will always be available in the” tab “Custom tools“from which to start them by selecting the one you want with a click and then clicking on”Start!“to run it.

Windows Repair Toolkit Final Tests Tab

In the “Final tests“Instead, a set of tools are available to test the proper functioning of Windows files, plugins, drivers, speakers, and other tools.

In the “Remarks“a text editor internal to Windows Repair Toolbox is available to annotate the notes if necessary.

In the “Settings“you have access to program options from which you can, for example, delete downloads downloaded with Windows Repair Toolbox, modify real-time hardware information displayed in previous tabs, back up and restore programs downloaded and added to Windows Repair Toolbox, check for new updates, change the program icon.

Considering its usefulness, Windows Repair Toolbox is definitely a resource to always keep available in your toolbox and carry on a USB drive.

Windows compatible: 7, 8, 10 | Dimension: 2.92 MB | Download Windows Repair Toolkit

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