Computers with pre-installed Windows and viruses for sale

So how does it sound. The most affected country is Chinabut it is not excluded that it occurs in some other places (apparently in the USA). The fact is that some users, the number of which is not yet known, discovered that when they turned on their new computer with the Windows operating system, there was inexplicably a hidden virus. Nothing more and nothing less.

Microsoft, as one of the companies directly involved in what happened, is already trying to clarify what happened, as is normal, but not before trying to prevent it from spreading. massively through the network… something which, as you can see, did not get. Moreover, in China the news has spread like a plague through social networks.

The key is to find the way this virus reached computers before users could use them and, the truth is, the options are not many…since we assume that those in Redmond would be using a version of Windows more which cleans pathogens.

The key is in the production line

All indications point to the fact that the infection of the computers occurred on the assembly line, where an employee would handle the equipment and have access to the installation of the Nitol virus, which is the one used. And it all seems to be an attempt to get a botnet (network of computers called “zombie” controlled by unauthorized persons) with these computers. What is unknown is what the purpose of said botnet is.

With the information you have so far Microsoftand in collaboration with the United States Department of Computer Crimes, it has already been possible to find specific information about the botnet, such as the fact that its owner is called Peng Yong and that up to 3,000 .org domains and 70,000 subdomains They are involved.

As is common practice in the United States, the first thing to do is shut down these domains, so that they don’t continue to feed the botnet and, therefore, infections stop. It’s a good decision, no doubt.

For the moment, the total number of computers affected is not known… but it seems that it is important. Only one figure is known: of the total, 85% of PCs are in China and the remaining 15% in the United States. It seems, for the moment, that in Europe we have been spared.

The thing is, from what you can see, a computer isn’t even safe… And we’ll see if the people involved don’t file claims against the assemblers and the software vendors, since the mess that happened is, at least, of a movie theater.