Confirmed the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope for December 24

Postpone the launch of a few days James Webb Space Telescope not a big deal when you consider the complexity of this project, its overall cost and the fact that the launch was originally planned for 2007. Now Nasa And ESA officially confirmed that the JWST extension will actually be launched on December 24, 2021.

The problem with the connection cable between the space telescope and part of Ariane 5 rocket was resolved within the last few hours and this allowed further operations to continue. The two agencies then announced that the launch date was actually that of Christmas Eve. A great gift for all enthusiasts and scientists in the world.


The James Webb Space Telescope was placed on the Ariane 5 rocket

According to the date and time of launch great space telescope are confirmed for December 24, 2021 at 1:20 p.m. (for Italy). This will allow many people to follow the event, which will also be one of the most important of the year and of the decade, live.


In the’last version issued by Nasa he reads that “Late last night, the launch site teams successfully completed the encapsulation of the observatory in the Ariane 5 rocket which will launch it into space. Webb’s final launch readiness exam will take place on Tuesday, December 21, and if successful, placement of the rocket on the launch pad is scheduled for Wednesday, December 22.”.

In these hours, therefore, the telescope was inserted inside the fairing (made by a Swiss company). The next time he will see sunlight, it will be in space. Covers/fairing have been modified to allow you to manage the internal pressure optimally and not create problems for the James Webb Space Telescope. It will then take about 29 days for the telescope to be in its final configuration and position. The first scientific observations, on the other hand, should take place within a few months (about six months, when the mirrors are properly calibrated).


As shown in the video above, there will be several steps that the JWST extension will have to complete. The space telescope’s journey will take it to a distance of 1.5 million km from Earth (Lagrange point L2). Everything will have to be done correctly and there will be no way to intervene directly. A detailed analysis of each step is available on the official website. All that remains is to wait for the last few days and enjoy the launch show.

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