The article to be developed will focus on how to check personal credit. This is a fairly straightforward procedure for the user himself. We will also see how to carry out this procedure, even with the particularity of not having a favorable balance on the line. Therefore, we invite you to learn more about this and other interesting topics.


How to check personal credit?

Being clear on what we have in our favor on the account or the phone line is quite an important issue, because being limited in the amount will lead to multiple consequences such as not being able to take advantage of the advantages offered by the company in which you are associated. we will see now how to check personal credit.

It is essential to keep in mind the possibility at all times how to know the pay or credit that we have in our line, in particular we will talk about the company called Staff.

It is of great need, because to execute calls, send messages, among other services; You must have an amount in favor at all times, in order to continue enjoying the benefits and apart from knowing our consumption by use.

It is important to note that although this is a simple procedure for checking credit Staff, there are some users who are not sure how to do it. Therefore, this article has been created, which we hope will serve as an aid and a reference guide to learn how to carry out the procedure successfully.

Having a positive credit should practically become an obligation on the part of the user, as they would have very unpleasant consequences and there is a risk that when we have to communicate with another user, we end up with the surprise of not having of balance.


This could become a real annoyance for people considered to be addicted to the phone, for this reason, appropriate measures must be taken.

Another important point to emphasize is that when one of the services is contracted, the same being dependent on a monthly payment, the same company will be responsible for assigning the subscriber a telephone number, through which he can communicate. and receive the appropriate help, in relation to how to find the Personal balance.

Besides the previous step, in the same way, a web address will be provided to the user, through which specific data must be entered, thus allowing the system to display the amount of the existing balance.

Know my balance, without having favorable credit

Before fully entering this point, we must mention the existence of several applications and advantages which will serve as support, concerning the treatment of this very important question; With that, we need to outline a few more common tools that are used by a lot of people today, the following being the same:

  • Telephone call: as is known by the vast majority, this is the most used, because with the unique call to the specific number of the operator that provides the service, in the case where we are dealing with refers to Personal, it is is the means of obtaining knowledge of said data.
  • Via the network: the vast majority of companies considered important and providers of good mobile phone services, such as Personal, have important specifications, via the web page or the portal.

In connection with this, they have a section called self-management, in which a registration must be made by the person, creating a username and password, in order to be able to enter and view the details of the telephone line, this way you can check personal credit.

Another possibility that arises for this type of procedure to consult Personal credit is precisely via the App for teams. Smartphone, which is created by the operator himself and through him you can streamline the entry to the website and then the self-management section.

  • By message: some telephone operators offer the possibility of sending an SMS by SMS, to a certain number, through which we will receive in return the requested information, in this case the amount we have on our line.

It is important to mention that the previous steps are the forms most used by the different teloperadoras for their subscribers, with the precise aim that they can know and consult the credit they have at all times.

Personal credit check in several countries

However, with the intention of further clarifying the subject and letting the reader know each of the necessary steps in the process of consulting business personal credit in other countries, we now present such options:

Procedure in Argentina

When you have the condition of being a client of the Personal Company of the Republic of Argentina, certain steps must be applied for the credit consultation process, in this regard we outline the following:

  • As a first possibility we can mention the option of calling * 150 and we will give a timeout, until the system itself indicates the amount or credit with the user’s account on the line .
  • There is also the possibility of using the USSD code, for this we will dial * 150 # followed by the call key, after that we will display on the screen itself the available balance at that time.


Regarding this country of Argentina, we still have two alternatives on how to consult the credit of the Personal line, being the same:

  1. By sending an SMS to the number 150, where it will be necessary to place the word BALANCE and then we will give a waiting period, for the transmission of the response with the respective amount of the balance, as well as the expiration date.

The cost of the procedure by sending the text already specified, will cost $ 0.24 cents.

  1. As a second possibility, there is access to the Personal in Argentina company web page or portal, entering through the previously created username and password. The system itself will indicate the steps to follow after accessing the site.

Know the personal balance in Paraguay

When you live in Paraguay and you have contracted telephone service with the company Personal, there is a way to find out the credit with which you have online, for this we have to compose, from the equipment itself, * 121, this step results in direct dialing in order to know the balance.


In case of not being able to make the call by the number already specified, the possibility of immediate communication with the customer service is given to the number * 111.

We have to keep in mind that the balance consultation process will not be completely free. This happens for the following reasons: the call to * 121 is free, only when made twice on the same day, unlike the one made to customer service will have such a condition, 2 opportunities per week. If this limit is exceeded, an amount will be canceled, which will be set by the company.

Now we have come to the end of the article and the reader already knows all the options available to check the credit of a line of the company Personal, whether it is any phone registered in the networks Argentina, Paraguay or other country.

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