CoviDiaries: Parallelozero’s multimedia project exhibited in Milan

After the exhibition in 2020 in Bergamo on the occasion of a special edition of Fotografica, Festival di Fotografia and in 2021 at the Turin International Book Fair, after two years of work it will also arrive in Milan, from 29 next January, CoviDiariesa multimedia project by the Parallelozero photojournalism agency that retraces two years of the pandemic, inviting us to reflect on the major issues that have emerged during these 24 months.

The photojournalists ofParallelozer Agency they kept a punctual and capillary chronicle of Italy from the fateful date of March 9, 2020: the one that officially triggered the first confinement.

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One of the photos on display, a way of remembering the photographer of Parallelozero Marco Trinchillopassed away last November

A collective project that documents, through photography, the indelible marks of the pandemic on each of us. A story in images that extends over time, becoming an opportunity to reflect on the things of the world and their complexity. This type of project allows us to take a look at this period, so close, but also so distant in everyone’s mind, busy day after day trying to start from scratch. Going back to these moments, through the eyes of others and reading the reality of different photojournalists can be an excellent way for everyone to come back to this period, perhaps to metabolize it a little better: hence the fact that the exhibition also in Milan it represents a great opportunity for all Milanese.

Organized by Fabbrica del Vapore, the Photographic Association and the Parallelozero agency, in collaboration with the Municipality of Milan and with the support of the Fondazione di Comunit Milano and Vivisol – Sol Group, the CoviDiaries exhibition is open to the public free of charge from January 29 to February 25, at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan.

A dynamic exhibition, made up of a series of projections and about 60 photos exhibited, selected on the different narrative lines of recent months: health emergency, social impact, economic consequences, return to normality then restart and vaccination campaign, through all the transformations that the pandemic has brought to our society and our lives. The use of the exhibition accompanied by the songs of Quarantine Scenario from Casino Royale.

CoviDiaries thematic panels: four meetings and think tanks.

CoviDiaries is not only a photographic exhibition, but also wants to represent an opportunity for a series of thematic meetings on the major issues which, born and modified with the evolution of the pandemic, await clarification and urgent responses.

During the four scheduled meetings (from February 3 every Thursday at 6 p.m.), experts and important representatives of various fields (researchers, scientists, innovators, entrepreneurs, philosophers, urban planners, sociologists, virologists, economists and policy makers) will discuss the present in an open and forward-looking discussion on the crucial issues imposed by the pandemic: the new poverty and well-being, social life and young people, culture and entertainment, care local and global health, labor and business.

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CoviDiaries. Chronicle | Memory | Future

At your house: from January 29 to February 25, 2022
To place
: Steam Factory, Via Giulio Cesare Procaccini 4, Milan

Hours: Every day, from 10:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Hall: free